Today, more and more companies are interested in how to reduce the cost of transport logistics, but you will agree that it is quite difficult to do this without any technological changes. Fortunately, Routing and Scheduling Software Development does not stand still, and automation is increasingly contributing to the optimization of various areas of company management.

The program for managing the logistics of transportation will help you most effectively organize transportation management.

Wezom’s solution automates all key tasks in transportation and logistics management. Allows you to optimize supply chain management processes in transport and logistics companies, courier organizations, delivery services, online stores and other companies that deliver goods using their own or hired vehicles.

The system consists of modules, each of which solves a certain

a set of transport logistics management tasks:

Transport planning

The module allows the logistician to generate requests for cargo transportation, plan delivery routes, and draw up waybills.

Fleet asset management

Allows you to keep a detailed account of the cost of fuel, spare parts, repairs, drivers’ wages.

Driver workstation

Fixes the list of tasks issued to the driver. Generates plan-factual reports on the execution of tasks.

GPS monitoring

Provides online control over the observance of routes and the actual execution of transportation tasks. It allows you to compare actual routes with planned ones, receive plan-factual reports on the time of task completion, and monitor various vehicle performance indicators.


Competent routing of cargo delivery is the basis for the successful operation of each online store. For the timely fulfillment of customer orders, it is necessary to quickly transport goods from suppliers to the warehouse and from the warehouse to buyers. Many large online sales companies have their own transport, others use courier services or hire third-party carriers. In both cases, it is necessary to timely calculate the need for cargo transportation, estimate transportation costs, quickly process applications for transport, form a delivery plan, build routes, issue tasks to drivers and forwarders, and monitor the implementation of these tasks. The solution of these problems is complicated if for the delivery of an order it is necessary to use several modes of transport – water, air, ground.

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