8 Ways Technology Enhances the Title Loan Application Process

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8 Ways Technology Enhances the Title Loan Application Process

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The advancements in technology in the past few decades have completely changed the way that most financial operations occur. From online banking to taking out loans, most things can be done from a computer or smartphone now. This advanced technology can make operations like getting a loan so much faster and easier. Read below for a list of eight ways technology enhances the title loan application process. 

Online Applications

Instead of going into a lender’s physical location, you can create an application for a title loan online. This eliminates unnecessary driving time and taking time out of your busy schedule to go in and physically fill out an application. Filling out forms and submitting them can all happen in one place and online encryption means that you can safely put in your personal information without worrying about it getting leaked. Online forms are easy to follow and usually have information tabs that you can click on if you have questions about how to fill in specific sections. This is a great option for people who might have limited mobility and would benefit from being able to do everything online instead of having to leave the house. 

Instant Pre-Approval

With automated systems set up on lenders’ websites, applications can be processed within minutes, determining pre-approval instantly. All you have to do is search for fast title loans near me and visit their website to find their application process. All of this can be done in the afternoon after you submit the application and let it scan your details to determine if you qualify or not. This is where newer technologies like artificial intelligence come in handy because they work faster than even the human brain can. 

Digital Documentation

With most business operations going completely digital, you no longer need to print out reams of paper to submit documentation for a loan. All you have to do to apply for a title loan is upload all of your documents from your computer and click submit. Some of those documents may include photocopies of driver’s licenses, vehicle titles, and proof of income, all submitted without ever needing a printer. By submitting all of your documents digitally, you are not only saving a ton of time, but you are also preventing wasting a bunch of paper that is going to only be looked at once before being stored somewhere to never be seen again.  

Automated Valuation Tools

Instead of going to a physical office to show off your car and let a person inspect it, the initial stages of a title loan application can all be done online. Online applications now let you submit all of the information needed to make a valuation of your vehicle without having to ever interact with another person. These automated valuation tools use advanced algorithms to determine how much your car is worth based on factors like the make and model of the car as well as how many miles it has on it if it has an accident history, and how old it is. Once the automated valuation is complete, you may later need to bring your car in for a deeper inspection, but not until you are deep into the approval process.

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Long gone are the days of having to print out a piece of paper just to sign it and then photocopy it again or physically bring it somewhere to be verified. E-signatures have totally revolutionized the way people can sign documents to make them official. Applying for a loan requires a lot of signatures, so having quick and easy e-signature software where you can just copy and paste your pre-set signature is a lifesaver when filling out paperwork.

Mobile Applications

Now that smartphones are so advanced, you can even apply for a title loan from anywhere as long as you have your phone in your hand. This comes in handy if you are traveling for work or don’t have access to a computer for any reason. Once a loan is in process, there are different applications that you can download where you can manage your loan on the go at any time. From making monthly payments to applying for new loans, everything can be done with a swipe of your finger. These mobile apps are getting more advanced each year, making it easier for people to apply for loans as fast as possible.

Enhanced Security

In an age where everything is becoming increasingly digital, online security is a main priority for most people, especially if they are inputting personal information for a loan application. To keep financial and personal information safe, advanced technology has been implemented into online loan application processes. These technological advancements include encryption techniques that block outside forces from being able to read information inputted into an online application. 

Loan application platforms also require multi-factor authentication for everyone who tries to log in. This means that you will have to provide not only a password but you may also be sent a secret code to your email or phone number to confirm that it is you trying to log in. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to get into your application and steal your information.

Customer Support

Technology has aided lenders in providing outstanding customer support by integrating features like chatboxes and frequently asked question tabs on their websites. These ensure that if a client has any questions during their application process, even if it is in the middle of the night, they will still get the answers they need promptly. AI-run chatbots are now being programmed to answer any questions clients may have, making them an invaluable tool during the loan application and loan payback processes. By providing constant communication through advanced technology, lenders can give potential clients peace of mind during what can sometimes be a stressful process.

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Before digital technology, applying for a title loan took a lot of time and energy, from driving your vehicle to a lender’s office to printing and filling out endless paperwork. Integrating technology into the lending process is beneficial for all parties involved and keeps things less messy with everything all wrapped up in a digital platform.

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