6 AI Tools That Are Changing New Teachers’ Lives

Are you a new teacher trying to navigate the complexities of today’s classrooms? AI is here to bring you the change you never knew you needed. Here’s something to think about: 85% of educators believe that artificial intelligence will greatly simplify education in the next ten years. But where do you begin? AI tools aren’t just helpful—they completely change how you teach, engage with students, and evaluate progress. From handling administrative tasks automatically to giving personalized insights into student learning, AI is here to make your early teaching years more fulfilling.

In this article, discover the top 6 AI resources for teachers. These tools have been tried and tested and are recommended by teachers for teachers. Some AI tools are preferred over others, and there are some popular AI tools that teachers love.

As Michael Soskill says, “The parts of teaching that are most easily automated are also the least important.” So there is no danger of teachers being replaced. You will find that you have more time to do your job better.


Eduaide is probably one of the most comprehensive AI resources for teachers. As a new teacher, one of your most difficult and time-consuming tasks would be to create lesson plans. With Eduaide.AI, you can create lesson plans and tests easily. Eduaide can even create resources like worksheets, quizzes, presentations, and simulations. All of these can be modified to fit your lesson content.

Part of being a teacher is helping students grow. For this, Eduaide can help you build assessments geared toward measuring students’ understanding. It doesn’t end there. Eduaide can even take your students’ responses and help you to give them effective feedback. The prompts from the site can be helpful to improve their knowledge and understanding. 

They offer free and paid versions. The free version is not limited to a trial period. You can use the free version as long as you need, but you will have limited access to most of the functions. Consider getting the full experience with the paid version, as it is only $5.99 per month or $49.99 if billed annually. 

2. Magic School

Magic School has harnessed the power of AI to bring you time-saving resources that will be helpful for you in your new role as a teacher. One user has commented that it is “Super helpful in so many areas. It has cut the time I’d normally spend on small tasks in half.” 

When its popularity is measured against other resources, many teachers recommend Magic School as the best resource available.  If you are not confident with technology, you will be pleasantly surprised. Magic School has a user-friendly interface and comes with a Chrome extension for seamless integration with your daily workflow.


Diffit is mainly a differentiation tool. It comes with an always free version and a paid subscription. The price can be agreed upon with Diffit based on the size of your school and its needs. Its main function is to help teachers adapt their curriculum to fit the needs of different grades. So each basic lesson can be made more or less complicated according to the needs of each grade. 

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You can provide Diffit with an existing text or even a video resource, or you can request Diffit to create it. Diffit also offers other interesting features, such as the ability to add specific vocabulary to a text, to create questions that can directly assess a skill level. It also comes with a large collection of customizable templates and activity sheets that can be downloaded in a variety of formats according to your needs.  

4. Brisk Teaching

Brisk Teaching is probably one of the best free AI resources for teachers that is currently available. It comes as a Chrome extension and integrates itself seamlessly and easily into your work. Brisk can take care of all your administrative needs. From creating quizzes all the way to assisting you to make entire syllabuses. 

The best part about Brisk is that almost all of its features are accessible for free. The paid version comes with some advanced features that are useful but not absolutely essential, such as data analytics, intervention tools, and more. You can use the 14-day trial period to try all the paid features of the tool before deciding whether to get the paid version or keep using the free version. 

5. Quizalize

Quizlet AI is a valuable tool for new teachers. It helps to save time by personalizing the learning experience for students and helps to identify areas where students might need extra support. It does this with its chatbot feature called Q-chat. The students can chat with Q-Chat to quiz themselves, understand complicated concepts, and practice applying their knowledge. This is also a great resource to recommend to students who want extra help.

If you think that was amazing, wait until you use the flashcard feature, Magic Notes. AI can turn your notes into flashcards, practice tests, outlines, summaries, and essay prompts. Now you won’t need hours to create study materials.

6. Teachers Hub

Last but not least, the most interesting AI resource available for teachers. Teachers Hub is special because it has been made by teachers themselves. The teachers who developed this app included features that take care of all the time-consuming and frustrating activities that are a part of every teacher’s life. They believed that teachers should be free to use their energy to teach. 

A word from the founders of Teachers Hub, Sarah and David Wilson.

“We are all passionate about education and immediately saw how AI could be both friend and foe in our sector. We wanted to take all the good parts of generative AI and eliminate the bad to create a tool that could truly help teachers and students alike”.

Sarah and David Wilson

When it comes to AI, there will always be some ethical considerations. But in the field of education, there are best practices that can help you adapt to AI integration with integrity. Work with AI to help make education accessible and fair for everyone, regardless of their background or abilities. As teachers embrace AI resources, they can cultivate a dynamic learning environment. 

Stay informed about the latest AI tools and best practices, and you can benefit greatly from AI to support student success. It’s not just about adopting new technologies but also helping to transform teaching practices to meet the diverse needs of 21st-century learners.


How can AI technology benefit teachers in the classroom?

AI technology automates administrative tasks, provides personalised learning opportunities for students, and enables data-driven decisions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teachers.

Are there any ethical considerations for educators using AI resources?

There are some important considerations in terms of data privacy, equity in access to AI tools, and ensuring that AI applications are used in a way that does not cause discrimination in educational settings.

What professional development opportunities are available for teachers to learn about AI integration? 

There are various training programs, workshops, and conferences focused on AI in education that teachers can follow to improve their knowledge and skills to be able to utilise AI resources effectively in the classroom.

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