6 Actresses Who Could Replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 [Latest update]

6 Actresses Who Could Replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Things have heated up between Amber and Johnny due to the great comeback from Johnny Depp. The fight has spread not only to the lawyers but among the fans. The upcoming Aquaman 2 role Mera is among the leading roles she has, and the fans want her replaced.

Why Fans Think Amber Heard Shouldn’t Be In Aquaman 2 

Johnny Depp is considered to be the humblest actor in Hollywood who has won millions of hearts due to acting. Along with the controversial court incident with Amber heard, Johnny Depp fans have started to fight back. They have started to create an impact through various matters, and Amber’s acting career is such a thing. 

Although some fans stayed neutral throughout the whole time, they also have come into the assistance for Johnny as Amber is proven to be guilty through various proofs.

Fan’s Reaction to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 

The Fan’s Reaction to the Aquaman 2 Mera recast is going to be a one-way battle. That is because Johnny has higher fans than Amber. The voice created with millions of hashtags, social media posts, and boycott threats is higher than the voice created by Amber fans. Here are some of the reactions by fans regarding the issue of removing Amber Heard in Aquaman 2.

Although whose fans are going to win, the result should be able to bring the highest demanding actress who has the experience, ability, and concentration for the role. Although it is Amber or any other actress, that will be a constant.

06 actresses that can replace Amber heard in Aquaman 2 Mera

Aquaman 2 Mera recast can occur through various choices. Some ideas have been made by the directors as well as famous actors in recent times. Emilia Clarke is the name that came with the highest demand. 

Here are 06 actresses who deserve to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2.

1. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2

Among the actresses for Aquaman 2 Mera recast, Emilia Clarke is the leading potential. According to several sources on the internet and words that came out of Hollywood stars, Emilia has the potential needed. Her experience at G.O.T. will be useful for this. Being a mother of dragons, she will turn out to be a great mother for the Atlantis as well. Although she has not acted in a superhero movie before, her bonding with Jason Momoa, the Aquaman, will be helpful for sure.

2. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2

What Amber has and most of the actresses lack is height and a well-shaped body. One of the actresses that do have the same quality is Sophie Turner, who became a part of X Men previously. According to the latest trend, exchanging casts between D.C. and Marvel, she will become a part of D.C. Since her role is almost over with her last Marvel movie, The X-Men Dark Phoenix, she will be happy to join another Super Hero Franchise for sure. 

3. Alicia Vikander

 Alicia Vikander to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2

Alicia is an actress who has not cast lots of roles. There is not any suspicion about her capacity as she has played crucial roles in action movies such as Tomb Raider and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. When having a look at the innocent fame she has collected, she is one of the most elegant assets for the producer of Aquaman 2. She has not any record in Marvel or D.C., which makes her the best candidate.

 4. Katherine Winnick

Katherine Winnick to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2

Eth actress who got the fame due to her Lagherta role in Vikings deserves a chance in Aquaman Due to her shown colors. It is not a secret that she is in her peak stage in her career, as her last roles in The Marksman, Wander, and Flag Day were successes. 

The most important thing is that the actress is clear from D.C. and marvel timelines, and she is ready to fill any position.

5. Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2

The Jumanji actress has received lots of recommendations for her previous work, such as Gun Powder and Milkshakes, the bubble, and the call of the wild. More importantly, she was a part of the Marvel for a long time as she has acted in Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the latest movie Thor Love and thunder. The 34 old actresses has got a long way to go, although her task at Marvel is no more.  D.C. will be her next stop.

6. Blake Lively

Blake Lively to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2

Blake Ellender Lively, or Blake Lively, is an actress who gathered lots of experience when she was 34 years old. Although the Age of Adaline and the shallows are what she is known for, there are more things about her. However, Blake has not acted in any Marvel or D.C. movie before. More importantly, her Spouseship with Ryan Reynolds can open lots of opportunities for her. Let’s see if she gets to become Mera along with all those positives.

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Who will be the new Mera in Aquaman 2?

There are some suggestions, and Emilia Clarke is ahead of the list.

Is Amber Heard being recast for Aquaman 2?

That will depend on the way fans eat to the Johnny Depp situation and the way the final decision will be. But, the director has not made any official statement yet.

Who can replace Amber Heard as Mera?

Emilia Clarke, Karen Gillan, Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, and Alicia Vikander are a few of the actresses that can replace Amber Heard as Mera.

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