What was normal 20-30 years ago, but is considered a luxury now?

Imagine going back in time, like in a super cool time machine, to 20 or 30 years ago. It’s like stepping into a different world! we’re gonna dig into all the awesome changes that have happened over the years. We’ll explore things that used to be everyday stuff but are now seen as super luxurious treats.

Recently a Redditor asked, “What was normal 20-30 years ago, but is considered a luxury now?” 

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1. getting things repaired instead of buying new ones.   

In the past, getting things repaired instead of buying new ones was the norm, but today it’s considered a luxury. The convenience of cheap products and online shopping have led to a throwaway culture. However, there’s a growing movement recognizing the importance of repair and sustainability.

2. Items not requiring a subscription each month  

In the past, owning items without monthly subscriptions was normal. However, in today’s world, it has become a luxury. Many things that were once bought outright now require recurring payments. From streaming services to household appliances, the trend has shifted towards subscriptions, changing our consumption habits.

3. Privacy  

Privacy used to be normal 20-30 years ago, but now it’s considered a luxury. With technology and social media, personal information is constantly collected, shared, and monitored. Protecting our privacy has become a struggle in this digital age.

4. Not being expected to be reachable 24/7   

Back in the day, it was totally fine to take a break and not be available all the time. But now, with smartphones and constant communication, being reachable 24/7 is seen as a luxury. Having the freedom to disconnect and enjoy some peace and quiet has become rare in our busy world.

5. New furniture made out of real wood

Imagine this a few decades ago, it was totally normal to have furniture made out of real wood. It was everywhere, adding a touch of class to people’s homes. Nowadays, considering furniture made of real wood as a fancy luxury has become the norm.

So, having real wood furniture now is like having something special and unique. It’s all about the craftsmanship, durability, and natural beauty that real wood brings.

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