5 Easy Tips to Protect Your Car’s Paint

5 Easy Tips to Protect Your Car’s Paint

The first thing that strikes the doors of your mind when you buy a new car is its dazzling shine and beautifully polished new paint. Once your car is out on the road, it gradually loses its radiance due to external factors.

Though a car’s paint is designed to last for 10-15 years, many cars don’t even last a small portion of that period without suffering significant paint damage. 

If you wish to keep your car sparkling and shiny for years, you need to take appropriate care of your car’s paint.

Your car’s paint will remain spotless for years if you follow these easy instructions for the best car paint protection in Gold Coast!

1.  Cover Your Car When Not in Use

Covering your car when parked is one of the most simplistic and inexpensive options to protect the paint of your car. If you are parking your car in an open area or on the street, always cover it with a car cover. It protects your car from harmful UV rays, bugs, fungus, moulds, bird poops, and more.

Even if you are parking your car in a garage and not using it for a long period, it is always best to put its cover on. It ensures that the dust does not settle on your car, which can adversely affect your car’s paint.

2.  Wash Your Car Regularly

It is also important to wash your car every week. The cleaning process should include the usage of high-quality car shampoos that can retain the shine of your car’s paint.

Make sure to immediately wash any bird droppings off the car with water if they are there. Don’t wash your car with household detergents. They are naturally acidic, which will cause greater damage to the paint. Only use high-quality car washes using a foam applicator.

 3.  Use Car Wax

If done properly, your car wax can protect your car’s paint from scratches, UV rays, dust, and other contaminants for up to 6-7 months. To be on the safer side, try to apply a coat of wax after every 6-7 months so that your car can remain clean and smooth.

You can use both the paste and liquid wax for better results. You can also prefer to take your car to an expert rather than doing it on your own because it requires skills and effort to wax a car properly.

4.  Don’t Hesitate To Invest In Paint Protection Films

Another option to protect your car paint is getting the right car paint protection film. It serves as a protection to safeguard the original paint of the car and keeps it from fading further. The film is sturdy enough to withstand minor damage to the car, such as scratches. You may quickly remove the adhesive whenever you want because it doesn’t leave any trace on the paint of your car.

5.  Don’t Forget To Dry it

Many people skip the drying process after washing the car, assuming that the air will dry the car naturally. This is very wrong as it damages the paint of your car.

In case you forget to dry your car after washing it, it will leave water spots on your car’s surface and will turn your hard work into a complete waste. After every wash, always use a microfiber cloth or a car drying towel to absorb the water on the car and dry it as soon as possible.


The best way to keep your car in peak condition over time is to learn how to protect car paint. Prevention is always preferable to later paying for an expensive repair. The exterior of the car can be severely damaged by even the smallest amount of negligence on your part, costing you a lot of money to repair.

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