What happened to the 2wheelboard after Shark Tank? Demetrius Rejtano pitches his epic skateboards to the sharks.

What happened to the 2wheelboard after Shark Tank? Demetrius Rejtano pitches his epic skateboards to the sharks.

Inventive Shark Wheel is a company and a product showing that the wheel can be changed. There are two parts to the Shark Wheel: one is made out of a cube, and the other is made out of nature.

Skateboards, luggage, forklifts, casters, and farming equipment are more efficient when using the Shark Wheel, which has been proven to work.

What is 2WheelBoard?

The UK has begun production and sales of a new all-terrain 2 Wheel Board. DemetriasRejtano, an Australian inventor, came up with this fun new product. Totally Board has the right to make and sell it worldwide. Millions of people have already seen and shared the invention on social media, thanks to big names like People Are Awesome and Sick Chirpse.

 People from British GQ, Media City UK, and the website AWE365.com have asked about Totally Board before the movie is done. A two-wheeled Guinness World Record attempt was also made in September 2017 in the Australian city of Sydney. 

The Story of the Founders

Demetrias came up with the idea for the 2WheelBoard. Mr. Rejtano was a concreter by trade, but he came up with many other ideas over the years. None of them were as good as his idea to make the 2WheelBoard. Two-wheel boards are like skateboards, but they have two big wheels instead of just one.

2wheelboard “Feel like you're skating, surfing and snowboarding all in one ride.”

The board is said to feel like a mix between a surfboard and a snowboard without finding the right place to go.

There is a board on which it goes where a bicycle would go. When he came up with the idea for the toy, Mr. Rejtano said that God had given it to him.

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What happens during the Shark Tank pitch?

Mr. Rejtano recently gained media attention after appearing on the TV program Shark Tank, but he claims it was a minor blip on his path to success.

In the previous week, two viral videos have increased demand for his boards to 60,000, causing him to run out of stock.

“I was already behind before Shark Tank, simply from the internet,” he remarked.

“These two firms made the videos. That led to 37 nations and over 60,000 orders, not including America and Canada.

“There were 3.1 and 1.7 million views on each video.

What Happened To 2wheelboard After Shark Tank?

His ideas have spread across the world. The royal family of Dubai has invited him to come and see them.

The royal family of Dubai has asked him to come to their country to show off his invention.

Asked to show off his project at Big Boys Toys: “I had a representative from the royal family of Dubai.”

But he doesn’t give up. he thinks that the 2WheelBoard will be worth more than a billion dollars in the next few years.

He is not giving up, and he thinks the 2WheelBoard will soon be worth more than $1,000,000,000.

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