What formats may be available to players who want to improve their gaming experience in World of Warcraft Classic


Many players who come to any MMO RPG initially get great pleasure from the quick start, a large number of skills and game opportunities, but gradually begin to lose their interest due to the difficulties and a significant slowdown in the overall gameplay and the amount of gold and resources that are needed and the rate at which they are obtained.

The thing is that WoW, like most games, works on the principle of complicating single and group gameplay in order to force players to think about new solutions and more often focus on group mechanics to obtain equipment, weapons and experience, or turn to professional services to receive Season of Discovery powerleveling and other services.

What are the benefits of professional services?

Services like Skycoach are an opportunity to get professional help in gameplay in everything related to gold, pumping, or learning the basic mechanics of the game.

The main thing that is a significant advantage of services like Skycoach is the ability to order any format of service with any requirement and quantity.

You can order Season of Discovery boosting in any quantity – at least 5 levels, at least full leveling up to level 25 from the first lvl.

The principle of gold also works exactly – you can count on any amount. Skycoach will give you even one coin if you are really interested in that amount. Of course, this is exaggerated, but sometimes only a couple of thousand coins are missing for an important item, but the player does not need large amounts of gold, they simply order as much as they need at the moment.

If you wish, you can order not a second solution to the problem, but comprehensive training.

This means that you get the opportunity to work with a professional trainer and learn how to mine gold and gain levels the right way using Season of Discovery powerleveling.

The coach will teach you how to properly develop your character, suggest the basics of creating successful builds, places and mechanics for earning a large amount of gold and successfully completing raids, in order to get not a one-time improvement, but systematic development and experience that will be useful when choosing any hero, including others MMO RPG except World of Warcraft.


First of all, the service will help you solve the main problems that are associated with the amount of gold that you need to systematically earn in order to regularly strengthen your hero.

You can contact the Skycoach service to buy any amount of game currency that you need at this stage.

The service will be able to provide delivery of even a small amount for your convenience.

Skycoach’s main task is to complete the transaction without attracting the attention of the gaming administration, because the process of purchasing and selling game assets itself is prohibited and is punishable by the gaming administration’s detection staff.

A professional service is distinguished by planned and high-quality work to disguise all its operations so that they look like a natural exchange between players and do not arouse suspicion in the eyes of the game administration.

You need to select your version of World of Warcraft, specify the server and amount, and pay for the order. The next stage will be interaction with the manager and discussion of the details of the transaction and, most importantly, a convenient time and method of delivery.

This can be an exchange, redemption of a lot, or sending using the postal system.

In any case, the service thinks through all the nuances and carries out the operation so that you do not need to perform many actions to accept gold. You simply follow the manager’s instructions and receive your gold within a few minutes after payment.

It is important that the exchange is made not by a newly created character, but by an old hero who will give you World of Warcraft currency through not a free exchange, but the transfer of a low-value item in exchange for the paid amount of gold.

In this way, for the gaming administration, such transactions look more natural and believable, which means there will be much less grounds for imposing sanctions.

When choosing a format for order delivery via mail, or a trading lot, then you send a low-value product to the specified method, or put it on the trading platform for the specified amount, and when an employee buys your lot, you will receive your gold and thus the transaction will be completed.

The Skycoach service guarantees that the transaction will be successful and in case of problems with the game administration, it will reimburse your losses and help solve all potential problems, but the chance that such a situation will arise is very small.

Leveling up

To get an accelerated opportunity to immediately move to the maximum level for the current season in World of Warcraft Classic, level 25, you can devote yourself entirely to quests, grinding, raids, or order Season of Discovery powerleveling from the Skycoach service.

Upgrading is carried out by transferring your account to a professional player, who will quickly and safely provide the required increase in levels.

The account is transferred so that the service can fully meet the deadlines and guarantee the promised result.

To ensure security and anonymity, financial guarantees and obligations are used, as well as a VPN so that the game administration does not record suspicious activity and obvious boosting, because the account was logged in from a different access point and a very fast process of obtaining levels began.

VPN masks activity and for the game administration it is you who simply began to play more actively and strive for level 25, and there is nothing prohibited about this.

You can choose any level you want to get and players do not always order maximum leveling – sometimes this happens because the gamer wants to change the main character and do not want to go through this experience again, and they order the advancement of the game character, for example, to level 15 and continue their development from this point.

This is especially beneficial for those who want to change their playing role to a support character, and such heroes are much slower and more difficult to level up.

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