Why buying a refurbished iPhone is as good as buying a new iPhone

The word ‘refurbished phone’ usually applies to a pre-owned device that was returned due to a malfunction and was restored for re-sale. 

Not all the phones identified as ‘refurbished’ were actually defective at one point, though. Some networks and retailers identify ‘refurbished phones’ as handsets returned by consumers who changed their minds during a 30-day cooling-off period after signing up for a contract. 

Before putting up these iPhones for sale, all refurbished models are extensively reviewed and checked to ensure that they are in full working order. 

Tests conducted by the refurbishment professionals normally include checking if the battery is charging properly, and the controls and cameras are working well.  The vendor will also review audio quality and screen sensitivity, as well as how the phone links to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/5G.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act, all previous records on the refurbished iPhone for sale will be safely deleted. So, to all intents and purposes, you’re going to begin afresh. 

Some refurbished phone vendors also upgrade the handset to the newest version of OS that powers it.

Buying a refurbished iPhone

Let’s admit it; the iPhone has always been a must-have piece of technology over the last decade or so. Regrettably, though, it comes with a price tag to suit. So, if you’re looking to get an iPhone but don’t want to spend a lot, buying a refurbished iPhone for sale could be a sound and profitable alternative. 

Here’s why investing in a refurbished iPhone is as good as buying a new one.

It’s affordable

Of course, the cost is one of the most appealing aspects of purchasing a refurbished iPhone. A new phone can’t possibly fit everybody’s pocket, and you also get to navigate through more budget-friendly choices by selecting a refurbished phone. 

Based on the model and its condition category, you might find an iPhone that is up to 40 per cent cheaper than its brand new counterpart being sold at the retail stores. 

All refurbished iPhones for sale are carefully inspected and restored, as required, by professionals. This involves a myriad of testing processes, where the phone functions are thoroughly checked, and any defective parts are substituted with newer ones. So no matter what model you buy, you can expect these phones to work as good as new ones.

Refurbished iPhones may have a longer lifespan than you believe.

It’s a widespread myth that restored cell phones have shorter life than brand new models. It all rests on how the phone has been repaired. The iPhone 6s is a perfect example of the surprising life of restored iPhones. It was launched way back in 2015 and continues to stay in the market to this day. You might expect a five or three-year-old model to have trouble running, but not after the professionals have worked their magic on it. Phone Refurbishment Experts check both the charging cycles and the strength of the battery and replace all those with a power of less than 80 per cent. This ensures the phones run reliably and in compliance with both sellers and Apple standards.


Since the repair process easily stretches the life of an iPhone by a few years, many vendors offering refurbished iPhones for sale also provide a long and extensive warranty. Most of these phones are protected by 6 – 12 months warranty, which gives you a similar coverage as when you purchase a new phone. 

A refurbished iPhone is a more sustainable choice.

Countless raw materials and components are used to manufacture each new iPhone. These products are mined in processes that produce large amounts of CO2, which also leads to global warming. In fact, as much as 85–95 percent of the carbon emissions from cell phones are emitted during their manufacturing process. 

By buying a refurbished iPhone for sale, you are contributing to the responsible recycling of existing resources and promoting environmentally friendly use. You are also protecting our world from toxic carbon dioxide emissions and pollution by limiting the generation of needless electronic waste.

Return policy

You will have total peace of mind when you purchase a refurbished iPhone from trusted retailers. Their websites are safe and reliable to transact, and if our product does not meet your standards and expectations for any reason, they even offer you up to 14 days to return it— with no questions asked.

Same shopping experience

We understand pretty well that part of the excitement of having a new phone is its shopping experience. That’s why most of the reliable vendors have taken so much interest in creating stylish website and their trademark boxes. The packaging branding is similar to Apple’s and, in addition to the handset, the box may comprise of a SIM card opener, a charging cable, and guidance booklet on the return policy and warranty offered by the seller.

What’s better refurbished or used?

If the phone is identified as refurbished and you purchase it from a network, a well-established retailer or a seller on an auction site, you can be confident that the phone has been checked, restored, cleaned and covered by a warranty. And in every way, you have peace of mind. 

The word ‘used’ is more difficult to describe, so you need to be more vigilant. It’s typically preferred by private sellers who on auction sites such as eBay or Amazon—and ‘used’ could mean anything from a few marks to repeated drops. So, when given a choice, it is always wise to go with a refurbished iPhone for sale.

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