With the growing adoption of Salesforce CRM, more and more prospects are coming up under Salesforce careers. Think about it. You could become a Salesforce admindeveloper, or a Salesforce consultant, thereby opening yourself up to better opportunities in the Salesforce tech world. If you are a newbie wondering about the most suitable certifications with which you could start your Salesforce journey, we have you covered here.

The First Salesforce Certification You Should Take

Given our adequate research on the options available in Salesforce, one of the first Salesforce certifications you should consider as a beginner is Salesforce Administration. Now, that’s straightforward. And the reasons are not far-fetched.

The simplest reason is that Salesforce admin certification adds value to your profile as a professional (well, just like other certifications). IT professionals certified as Salesforce Administrators can get multiple job offers from reputed companies. The certification makes these professionals to be considered as business leaders, excellent in improving organizational efficiency. This view of the modern industry makes Salesforce Admin a lucrative opportunity for interested individuals. But then, there are more reasons.

Salesforce admin certification provides you with a broad understanding of the Salesforce platform. A Salesforce administrator is responsible for setting up the Salesforce software for companies and ensuring that all optimum software features are being utilized in the best possible way. By taking this course, you get to know the basics of the Salesforce platform and fundamental ideas about the different topics and tracks therein.

Again, you will get to be updated on the latest trends and releases in Salesforce from time to time. After all, Salesforce admins are continuously on the lookout for new tools and features that will make users’ tasks easier. The more updated your knowledge is, the better chances you have when relating to issues on the platform and gaining employment when required.

Let’s also not forget that Salesforce Admin is one of the easiest certifications on the platform. With or without an IT background, you have a solid chance to excel here. And having acquired the basic admin knowledge, you will be better poised to venture into other Salesforce career paths such as development certifications or architect certifications, depending on your interest. Many of the top creators and architects in the world began their careers as excellent administrators.

But then, if you are familiar with programming/coding or if you possess a measure of knowledge of the platform, and given your interest, you may consider starting with other certifications like Platform Developer 1 or even Salesforce architect. Salesforce architect certifications’ uniqueness relies on the fact that you can combine specializations as a certification instead of going for individual certifications. For instance, you could go for Salesforce Certified Application Architect or the Salesforce Certified System Architect. Aspirants who engage in either certification can then achieve the peak level: Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.So, to sum this up, as already hinted at, Salesforce admin is your basic certification to start your Salesforce journey with. Getting this certification ultimately depends on the enrollee’s eagerness to learn and their effort. CRS Info Solutions can help with Salesforce interview questions and answers and videos on Salesforce certifications.

What You Should Know about Salesforce Admin in 2021

By now, you may have seen the importance of Salesforce Administration as CRM in keeping businesses running and bridging the gap between business and technology. Salesforce Admin career is now facing incredible growth, which means an additional workforce is needed for the field. Having certified as a Salesforce administrator, you could land six-digit salary earnings. If you intend to follow a career path in Salesforce Administration, here are the major certifications you should have in mind.

Five Salesforce Admin Certifications

Administrator: This certification is suitable for Salesforce professionals who are always looking for new methods to assist businesses in obtaining more features and excellent results.

Advanced Administrator: This certification is for Salesforce Administrators who have perfected their expert Salesforce capabilities and functionalities to tackle a wide range of business-related problems.

CPQ Specialist: For professionals interested in managing sales teams and improving customers’ buying experience, this is a great option. It involves planning, constructing, and executing quoting flows with Salesforce Configure, Cost, and Quotes (CPQ).

Marketing Cloud Administrator: Yet again, this is another option. This role is for administrators who love to configure and debug Marketing Cloud configuration and user requests, including subscriber data and set-up guidance.

Platform App Builder: This certification is for individuals with experience in designing, developing, and deploying custom apps.

What You Should Know about Salesforce Development in 2021

Apart from Salesforce Admin, we have established that another Salesforce career track you could begin with is Salesforce platform developer certification. If you enjoy brainstorming for long hours and providing simple solutions, this is where you belong. Remember that Salesforce development requires about 3 to 6 months of programming experience, as your credentials. Your programming experience should cover object-oriented programming languages like Apex and Java. Here are the major certifications on this path.

Platform Developer I: These developers understand how to develop and engage custom business logic and custom interfaces by using the programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform.

Platform Developer II: This certification is for professionals who have the skills and expertise in advanced programmatic capabilities of the Salesforce Platform and data modeling to come up with complex business logic and interfaces.

There are several other credentials open to you, such as marketing cloud development, OmniStudio development, platform app building, B2C commerce development, industries CPQ development, and Javascript development 1.

How to Get Your Salesforce Certification

Come to think of it. Your best bet at becoming Salesforce certified is CRS Info Solutions. This is simply because we are highly interested in helping you scale a new height in your career and are fully equipped with what it takes to achieve this. After all, we are regarded globally as the leading Salesforce training facility by many professionals and companies that have immensely benefited from our training.

You need not worry about disrupting your schedule. You can be certified from the comfort of your room, given our world-class online training platform. Again, our training is structured to accommodate all participants, irrespective of their work schedule, background, or nationality. In other words, whether you have an IT background or not, our manual for training beginners is well-detailed and easy to understand. It is carefully prepared to provide basic and in-depth knowledge about Salesforce to an average person. Likewise, working professionals can leverage this opportunity

Now, do not entertain the thought that the training would be unaffordable because of the quality. Our training is pocket-friendly and affordable. And interestingly, you have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of our training. We love to be transparent with you!

Our tutors are seasoned professionals who will not only take you in real-time but also give you tips on how to build impressive resumes and ace Salesforce interview questions. They also monitor your progress by creating time for questions and answers.

Salesforce Certifications are some of the hottest qualifications you can provide in your CV. By signing up for this training, you distinguish and secure a valuable spot for yourself in the labor market.

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