If poor people fantasize about winning the lottery, then What do Rich People Fantasize About?

what do rich people fantasize about?

Ever wondered what the wealthy fantasize about beyond their fortunes? Reddit’s AskReddit community recently delved into this thought-provoking question, and the answers were quite revealing. In this article, we’ll explore the desires of the rich and famous, offering a glimpse into their aspirations and dreams that go far beyond mere money. So, buckle up as we take a peek into the minds of the well-to-do!

More time

Even amid luxury, time remains an elusive treasure. The wealthy long for more moments to relish their riches, spend quality time with loved ones, and explore the pleasures that go beyond the material.

Friends and Connection

Money can’t buy genuine companionship, and the rich understand this all too well. Their dreams revolve around forming deep, meaningful connections and finding true friends who value them for who they are, not their bank balance.

Living forever

Immortality continues to captivate the human imagination, and the wealthy are no exception. Despite their resources, they fantasize about defying the grasp of time and experiencing the world indefinitely.

Experiments on social behavior

Curiosity knows no bounds, and some wealthy individuals yearn to understand humanity better. They dream of delving into social experiments to decipher the complexities of human behavior.

Real friends

Navigating friendships when you’re rich can be challenging. The wealthy dream of having authentic friendships, knowing that people genuinely care for their well-being, not just their wealth.

Seeing the Titanic

This is one of the most hilarious answers ever. Yeah, you can go to watch Titanic and then can visit god.

Being admired

While fame often accompanies wealth, what they truly desire is genuine admiration and respect. The wealthy dream of being admired for their accomplishments and character, not just their bank balance.

Having nobody trying to get their money

With wealth comes the constant fear of exploitation. The wealthy yearn for a life where they can trust others without the worry of being taken advantage of due to their affluence.

Having more money

Though they are already wealthy, the desire for more financial success persists. Their dreams involve increasing their riches and achieving new heights of prosperity.

Being loved for who they are

Beyond the opulence, the wealthy dream of finding love and acceptance for their genuine selves. They wish for relationships that go beyond material possessions and cherish their true essence.


The dreams of the rich and famous extend far beyond material wealth. From cherishing meaningful relationships to exploring the mysteries of human behavior, their aspirations mirror those of regular folks, highlighting our shared humanity. What are your thoughts on these desires? Join the conversation and share your perspective with the geeksaroundglobe.com community! We’d love to hear from you!