What Is The Difference Between A Psychic  An Astrologer

What Is The Difference Between A Psychic  An Astrologer?

People often associate astrology with psychic readings. While some psychics specialize in astrology, many readers use other systems. Astrologers can choose to provide psychic readings, but not every astrology expert has psychic abilities. Find out more about what sets psychics and astrologers apart and how astrology can inform psychic readings.

What Does A Psychic Specialize In?

Psychics are individuals who have natural abilities and intentionally develop their intuition. Readers may specialize in one or more topics, such as life path, love, career or money readings. Other psychics can find lost objects or connect with the energetic fields of animals. Some readers function as mediums to communicate between the living and the dead or act as channels by embodying spirits.

There are a wide range of psychic abilities. Empaths are capable of feeling the emotions of others. Psychics may also have clear senses, which include clairvoyance, or clear seeing; clairaudience or clear hearing; and clairsentience, or clear feeling and sensing. Some psychics solely rely on their intuition. Others incorporate tools, such as tarot cards or pendulums, or systems, such as astrology or numerology, into readings.

What Does An Astrologer Help With?

Astrology is a term for systems that track the positions of celestial objects relative to Earth. The sun, moon, planets and other significant objects are always moving through constellations associated with zodiac signs. It is worthwhile to note that there is more than one astrological system. The two major systems are tropical, or Western astrology, and sidereal, or Vedic astrology. Astrologers use these systems to track planetary transits and interpret the significance of placements at any point in time.

Maps of the sky are used to indicate transits and the positions of planets and other points of interest. Your birth chart is essentially a picture of the sky on the date and at the time when you were born. Astrologers know how to calculate and interpret birth charts, and psychics who specialize in this system can provide astrology psychic readings. Some astrologers and psychics offer synastry readings that compare birth charts for compatibility. Psychic readings based on astrology can help querents explore their personality, learn about their life path and provide insight into relationship dynamics, past situations and upcoming events. 

What Are the Benefits of Astrology Readings?

People who are interested in astrology should consider a psychic reading near me that is based on this system. Many individuals are familiar with sun signs, but astrology readings can provide more information about moon and rising signs as well as the placement of planets in houses on birth charts to help querents better understand themselves, their circumstances and their potential.

The personal beliefs of querents often indicate whether they are likely to get more out of readings from psychics who specialize in astrology or readings based on other systems and abilities. It is worthwhile to consider the systems or tools that psychics use. An online service makes it easier to find any type of psychic and get accurate readings over the phone or online.

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Written by Joshua White

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