What is Auroracoin? A Basic Beginners Guide

What is Auroracoin? A Basic Beginners Guide

The place where it was initiated is Iceland. The year it is launched is a few years after the launch of bitcoin. Auroracoin was initiated in 2014. The initial reason for creating Auroracoin was to make payments across the border. But just after some time it was launched in the market, the value of Auroracoin was decreased or we can say it crashed. And therefore, it become an experiment which was a failure. For more detail about The News Spy technology click here

However, some enthusiasts who were developers tried to pull it out of the darkness. They started making daily transactions using the Auroracoin. In 2015, everything was operated by the foundation of crypto. In the same year, the price of Auroracoin was as little as 0.10 USD with a market cap of 1.5 million USD. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Auroracoin was initiated in Iceland to become a substitute for bitcoin and Iceland Krona and the primary design was also made in the time of 2008 when a great crisis in the financial sectors was going on.

The name behind the creation of the Auroracoin is Baldur FriggjarÓðinsson.

A Brief Overview of Auroracoin

In the year 2009, there was a severe economical crisis seen in Iceland. They got bankrupt. The governments were cautious about controlling the flow of the currency outside the country. thus, they restricted any kind of exchange of foreign currencies even if the digital currencies were included in the list. It is the time when there was a ban on bitcoin in place. Then, as a replacement, Iceland got Auroracoin.

It was announced for the citizens in the country to turn all the currency they earned over the five years after the 2008 crisis. Folks were then not completely free to do as they wished regarding trading and business outside Iceland. However, it was taken by the designers of the currency that this decision of the government was just destroying the economy of the country.

The base of Auroracoin

The design of Auroracoin is based on the primary design of Litecoin. When released, Iceland received half of the coins that will ever be mined.

While the crypto was given, each habitant of the place earned 31.8 Auroracoins. It was the first phase. In the next phase, the distribution went upto318 AURs. The amount of phase two was even doubled in the third phase. Each of the citizens got 636 AURs. Surprisingly, The other fifty per cent of the coins were thrown away.

op benefits of using Auroracoin (AUR)- Points to note

These are the basic advantages of using the Auroracoin.

  • To begin, Auroracoin is decentralised, which suggests that it is not governed by any single centralised body. This implies that anyone can use it. Because of this, the users have a significantly greater amount of control over their currency, therefore making the system more reliable.
  • When you use Aurora currency, you will have the benefit of remaining anonymous. You are not required to divulge any of your private information to participate in whatsoever transaction. for example within the network.
  • There will be no inflation as a result. It indicates that there’s still a limit to the total quantity of such a coin that will ever be produced. As a result, the cost of it remains consistent throughout markets.

Primarily, the design of Auroracoin was just like to be used as the scrypt algorithm. It was taken from Litecoin which was also initiated from bitcoin itself. So, needless to say, that there would be many similarities between AUR and BTC.

Commonly, Auroracoin is not designed to do much more than the payment network. The privacy of it is also intact. It is also following the privacy of the people who are making transactions. there is also a public ledger present in it which gets started on a random basis.

How to store Auroracoin?

There are two wallet options are available for Auroracoin. One is for chrome users – Lightweight Auroracoin Wallet and the other one is for android users – it is called the Auroracoin Wallet.


Anyone can trade with Auroracoin but they have to choose the safe platform for that. To work with a reliable platform, click the link and get started. .

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