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What If BTS Performs in North Korea?

What If BTS Performs in North Korea (2)

BTS is one of the most popular music groups in the world, with fans across all ages and demographics. What if BTS, the global K-pop icon, performed in North Korea? This will not just be a concert. It could be a historic event of music, culture, and diplomacy. It could play a pivotal role in easing the tensions between North and South Korea.

North Korean citizens were once warned to stay away from all things South Korean, according to CNN. Including its fashion, music, hairstyles, and even slang. Let’s dive in to learn more about how iconic it would be.

Bridging Differences:

North Korea is a notoriously isolated country, and its government has a history of censoring and controlling its citizens’ access to information and entertainment. Kim Jong-un, the president of North Korea, described K-pop as a “vicious cancer.He mentioned his hate for how it corrupts the young people in his country.

However, in recent years, there have been signs that North Korea is becoming more open to the outside world. In 2018, for example, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in a historic summit meeting.

If BTS were to perform in North Korea, it would be a major diplomatic event!

North Korea, with its guarded and tough lifestyle, is largely cut off from the global cultural landscape. A concert by BTS could symbolize a pleasant overture, representing a shared cultural ground and signaling a possibility for reconciliation between the conflicting ideologies of the two Koreas.

Image source: Tenor

Inspiring Transformation:

BTS’s music, which exceeds language and cultural boundaries, could offer a transformative experience to North Koreans! It could expose them to themes of self-love, resilience, and acceptance. This unique blend of melody and dance could inspire change in a world rich in diversity and creative expression.

Visualize a concert where the touching notes of “Life Goes On” blend with the collective hopes of millions. The music will break barriers and create a shared experience of joy and reflection. Such a musical journey could offer an escape and a shared emotional experience, a deeper human connection.

Economic Possibilities:

This event could hold significant economic benefits, boosting tourism and cultural exchange. It could restore both Korean economies. It might also attract international investors and businesses, creating economic synergy and integration in the region.

Image source: CNAS (President Kim Jong Un and President Moon Jae-In)

A Diplomatic Rhythm:

BTS in North Korea could improve the diplomatic dynamics of the Korean Peninsula. Their music might promote conversation and understanding between nations. It could be the start of improved international relations and reduced tensions with North Korea.

The Power of Fandom:

The diverse and dedicated BTS fandom, known as the ARMY, would undoubtedly play a significant role in this scenario. Their passion and commitment could help forge a welcoming and inclusive community. It could promote a shared sense of belonging and mutual respect among individuals from varied backgrounds and ideologies.

K-Pop’s New Milestone:

Such a performance would be a landmark event in the history of K-Pop. It would show the genre’s global appeal and reinforce BTS’s legacy as not just artists but also as catalysts for peace and unity. It would expand the global K-Pop fanbase even further.

Healing Through Music:

The humanitarian impact of BTS performing in North Korea could be profound. The event could offer a momentary escape and a connection to the world beyond borders. It will allow people to experience the joy and solace that music brings. It could also foster a sense of shared humanity and communal experience.

Challenges Ahead:

The prospect of such a concert comes with its own set of complications and challenges. The strict governance in North Korea over information and artistic expression could impose limitations on the concert’s execution. The ideological divide and concerns over external influence could lead to restrictions, and the safety of the artists and the audience would need careful consideration and planning.


Envisioning BTS performing in North Korea invites us to imagine a future where music is a unifying force that can bridge differences and bring people together. The impact of such an event could go beyond entertainment, sowing seeds of hope and unity in a divided peninsula. However, turning this vision into reality would require collaborative effort, diplomatic dialogue, and a relentless pursuit of peace and mutual respect.

BTS in North Korea might seem like a distant dream, but it holds the promise of a peaceful future, a future where our shared love for music becomes the common ground on which we build a united, peaceful world. The idea isn’t just about rhythms and dance moves; it’s about weaving connections and connecting hearts across borders.

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