What Elements Make a Successful Slot Game?

What Elements Make a Successful Slot Game

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Slot games can get very confusing. At their heart, they all have the same principle. A series of reels spin and if the player matches the correct symbols when they stop, they win a prize. Yet with the advent of online gaming, slots have become a whole new beast. With bonus rounds, added reels, and various symbols they offer a unique experience. So what makes a successful slot game?

A Well-Known Theme or License

Just like your favorite type of car or breakfast cereal, over the past ten years slot games have begun to develop their own licenses. Some games just capture the imagination of players and provide a fantastic gaming experience. It is not uncommon for sequels to be released and their predecessors remain just as popular.

In some instances, they even use licenses from movies and television to create familiarity. From Rick and Morty to Terminator, slot games contain themes based on a range of entertainment franchises. Some even feature sports stars and hosts like Ellen DeGeneres.

There is a wide range of benefits to playing these themed slots. Firstly, they are often the ones casinos tend to offer free spins and deposits on. This means that for a certain time, you can play without using your bankroll. Being so popular, there is also a lot of information available about them online. This can help you get to grips with the game itself. The Fishin Frenzy slot is one such game that has been about for a few years now. A simple yet effective concept, it has developed into its own cult title. You can find a wide range of documentation on it to help you, from the RTP to the volatility of the game.

Live Bonus Slots

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Live bonus rounds are a fairly new phenomenon, but one that adds a whole new dimension to a slot. Once a bonus round is accessed in the main feature, you enter a separate side game. This connects you, through streaming technology, to a host in a studio. They present the bonus round like a gameshow, giving a spin in a classic format. 

The bonus rounds are always where the biggest jackpots can be won. Having this interactive element adds an extra dimension to their level of engagement. They have become so popular, even the owners of real television game shows are getting in on the act. Endemol has licensed a special version of their ‘Deal or No Deal’ franchise, and Hasbro even has a Monopoly version.


Slingo is a hybrid of bingo and slot games, for anyone who can’t decide what to play or just loves both. The board is made of a card with numbers on it, much like the ones you would find in bingo. Underneath is a series of reels. When you spin them, the combinations will provide you with different results which cross off numbers or trigger different scores. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

The concept itself has proven successful with players. It has grown from its basic format to include a range of variations, from horse racing themes to popular gameshows. Part of its allure is the combination of two popular games, into a format that is easy to play and provides quick, accessible experiences. 

There are other factors you should consider, but these are the main ones. Should your curiosity pique, use this information to help guide you to a game and platform that suits your own needs and personal tastes.

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