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In World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Phase 5, a new area with a new faction called The Shattered Sun Offensive. Many players are interesting in exploring the new areas in the latest patch of WoW Classic. And there are some important Shattered Sun Offensive locations in this area. You can buy Cheap WoW TBC Gold to purchase some rare materials and craft the best weapons or gear for your characters in order to kill more enemies in battle. 

Some Important Shattered Sun Offensive Locations

Shattrath City

Because there are some important locations for this factions on the isle, players have to start elsewhere to find access to reach the Isle of Quel’Danas itself. You can talk to a Draenei NPC called General Tiras’alan, served as the representative of the offensive faction, standing close to A’dal to receive the initial quest that instructs you to get to the Isle of Quel’Danas in the beginning. 

Shattrath City is also an important hub for some other local NPCs giving out daily quests when the initial quest is completed. Players can receive the daily quests in Shattrath and complete them in Outland. The zones of Netherstorm and Garadar are the best places for you. 

Sun’s Reach Harbor

Players who are from different factions will find themselves at a flight path on the western half of the Harbor when they arrive in Quel’Danas. The Harbor can be linked to all the common flight paths normally connected to player’s faction, which make the travel more convenient. 

You can also find Archmage Ne’thul who stays on the Harbor’s docked ships, and talk to him to complete the relevant quests. 

Magister’s Terrace

Magister’s Terrace is the new 5-player dungeon in the latest Phase 5. Like its counterparts in Outland and Tanaris, it owes both heroic and normal mode. In order to unlock the heroic version, players need to complete some quests in advance in normal mode. After that, you will find the entrance is obviously on the way, located along a road that travels east and uphill from Sun’s Reach Harbor. 

The Dawning Square

When the Shattered Sun Offensive travels further south and east, they can retrieve more lands of Sun’s Reach with the help of players. Meanwhile, players have more chances to access the Dawning Square. Although it looks like an innocent public park, it plays an important role in guarding the demonic invaders and mysterious portal. 

There is a quest to pass through the portal via a special scroll, so, you have to prepare for the scroll in advance in your inventory. Then, they can complete an easy quest by making sure NPC Magistrix Seyla safe and sound, and he will offer you some daily quests that players can do in Hellfire Penninsula. 

The Sunwell Plateau

The Sunwell Plateau is not only the fabled Sunwell, but also the place of the new 23-player raid. The power of the Sunwell causes a lot of activities in this area. Players will meet an army of demons and other evil enemies at the command of Kil’jaeden, which is the last boss waiting for players at the end of the raid. The boss is going to take over the Sunwell and harness its magical energy for himself. The Shattered Sun Offensive faction is united for protecting the Sunwell from the attack of the boss and enemies. 

It is different from the 25-player raids in Outland, you don’t need any quest chains or attunement in advance. You just fight against bosses and enemies and obtain the rewards from the successful raid in this area. 

The Shattered Sun offensive area also have other good places for players to explore, these locations are important when you first come into the Shattered Sun offensive faction. If you want to make good progress in the Sunwell raid, you can Buy WoW Classic TBC Gold to level up your characters in order to improve overall basic stats. 

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