Wellness for the Spirit: 7 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Health Today

It is the goal of every parent to see his or her children optimally healthy at all times. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Kids fall sick all the time, and it can be so frustrating trying to get them up and about again healthy and whole. The good thing is that improving your child’s health isn’t a difficult task. Simple steps here and there can go a long way in ensuring that your child’s health is improved every single day. If you are struggling to enhance the health of your child, here are 7 ways that are sure to make a difference.

1.  Offer healthy servings

Kids require daily servings of healthy foods that are rich in all nutrients that a body needs to stay healthy. Balanced meals ensure that a child gets the energy required to keep going, strong bones and teeth, and improved immunity to keep diseases away. Ensure that you are giving your kids foods such as beans, eggs, fish, oatmeal, lots of fruits and vegetables, and more. It is also good to ensure that the snacks offered are healthy. In addition, supplementing their daily intake of nutrients with health supplements such as  magnesium citrate gummies for kids that provide important nutrients for strengthening the bones.

2.  Keep the child well hydrated

As you may already know, kids sweat more than adults, which places them at a higher risk of dehydration. That is why it is important to ensure that your child stays hydrated at all times. It is good for their health as it helps keep the joints, teeth, and bones healthy. It also helps with blood circulation, regulating body temperature, digestion, memory retention, and waste excretion. For these reasons, ensure that your child gets enough fluids such as water, milk, and fresh juices.

3.  Encourage health habits

Good hygiene is important in keeping away germs that cause infections. It is paramount that your child learns healthy habits from an early age. This ensures that they keep these habits for life for a healthier and longer life. One of the habits that you can teach is oral health. Encourage your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day to prevent cavities. Another habit is regular hand washing especially after using the toilet and before eating.

4.  Let the child get active

Exercise is great at strengthening bones and muscles, as well as raising the heart rate for cardiovascular health. It is also good at avoiding childhood obesity and clearing the mind. Don’t let your child sit for long in front of the screens. Encourage him or her to play outside with other kids. You can also allow him or her to help you with house chores. That way, they stay active and learn important skills while at it. Exercising as a family is also a good way to approach this. You can go for hikes, bike riding or play games together at home.

5.  Ensure enough sleep

Kids require 10 to 16 hours of sleep every day for better growth. It is during sleep that the body restores and growth hormones are released for kids. Getting enough sleep is also important for mental health. Ensure that your child gets enough sleep at night and naps during the day whenever possible. However, it is important to keep a proper sleeping routine and pattern for maximum benefits.

6.  Foster a healthy environment

Besides taking care of their physical health, mental health is equally important. The best place to start is by creating an environment at home where your children feel safe expressing their feelings. Show them love and give them a listening ear to what is going on in their lives. You can also go a step further to teach them the basics of mental health. Show them the importance of sharing what they are going through and equip them with tools to help them manage daily stress.

7.  Keep a sick child at home

Life is demanding, and keeping a child at home even when sick is something most parents struggle with. However, kids get better quicker when they have enough rest. The care and the love from you when they are recuperating also plays a part in getting them back in shape quicker. Besides, letting them go to school or daycare when their immunity is compromised only raises the chances of contracting another infection.


Good health in the early years is important for better development and growth for a child. It sets them up for a life free from diseases, which raises the chances of living their lives to the fullest. The steps that you take today towards improving your child’s health are critical. Moreover, the above tips give you a place to start improving the health of your child now.