Let's explore the deep changes after 9/11, based on Answers from Ask Reddit.

Air Travel Then vs. Now

Remember when we could show up 30 minutes before a flight? Tighter security changed that.

2000's Hope Dimmed

The late '90s brought hope for the new millennium. 9/11 changed the nation's mood.

News All The Time

After 9/11, the constant news ticker became a regular feature on our screens.

Travel, Rights, & World Views

The Patriot Act reshaped our rights and how the world sees America.

Living with Fear

9/11 introduced a new, lasting sense of fear and uncertainty.

Views on the Middle East

Stereotypes about Middle Eastern people grew, affecting our understanding.

The Twin Towers

The Twin Towers' absence forever changed New York's skyline and our hearts.

The Simpsons & 9/11

A single episode quote showed how 9/11 even touched our favorite shows.

Our Rights & The Patriot Act

This law had big effects on personal freedoms in America.

Reflecting on 9/11

As we look back, it's crucial to see how that day still shapes our lives. How do you feel about its impact?