7 Common Habits Harmful to Our Health


People naturally worry about things they can't control. But this can harm our mental and physical health, affecting sleep and life quality.

Worrying about stuff i have no control over

Not getting enough sleep can make us tired and affect our thinking. It can also raise the risk of long-term illnesses.

Not sleeping enough

Today, many jobs make us sit for long hours. This isn't good for our health. To stay healthy, we should exercise regularly and avoid sitting too long.

Sitting without adequate exercise to counter it

Smoking hurts the lungs. Drinking too much is bad for the liver and health. If you or a friend struggle with these, it's important to get help.

Smoking and drinking

Regularly reading negative news and social media can hurt our mental health, leading to anxiety and depression.


Choosing easy options can make us eat foods with too much sugar and salt. This can cause weight gain and heart problems.

Eating unhealthy processed foods

Tanning too much can cause skin cancer and make you age faster. It's important to choose between sun protection and a natural tan.