What is far more rare than people realize?

Sometimes, things are rarer than we actually thought. Let's see what Redditors think about 'What is far more rare than people realize.


Tetanus, a life-threatening bacterial infection, is rarer than many assume. According to CDC, tetanus cases have significantly decreased due to vaccination efforts.

Solid Brown Fur Cats

Solid brown fur cats are a rarity due to their recessive genes. Genetics experts suggest this unique trait makes them uncommon in the feline population.

Green Eyes

Green eyes make up just two percent of the global population. While brown and blue eyes are more common, green eyes are a captivating rarity.

A Stable, Loving, and Peaceful Domestic Life

A stable, loving, and peaceful domestic life is a true rarity in our world. It requires effort, communication, and compromise, rendering many people hard to achieve.

Good, Honest Friends

Genuine friends who value your companionship without hidden agendas are treasures. Maintaining such friendships can be challenging.

Critical Thinking Skills

In this era, critical thinking skills are a precious rare. Developing your ability to analyze and reason is crucial in today's world.

People in Happy, Healthy Relationships

While many aspire to this, such a relationship can be elusive. Psychology suggests maintaining such relationships requires effort and emotional intelligence.

Being a Multi-Millionaire

Lots of people are faking it out here. Many may appear wealthy but are relatively rare. Forbes reports that less than 1% of the world's population holds this status.

Genuine Kindness

With No Ulterior Motive. Genuine kindness can sometimes be overshadowed by hidden agendas. Recognizing and appreciating authentic acts of kindness is essential.