Beyond Fur: Understanding Dogs with Hair and Their Unique Grooming Needs

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Many people consider dogs as cherished members of their families. They understand that taking care of their grooming needs is essential for their well-being. However, before you start taking care of the grooming needs of your canine, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between dogs with fur and those with hair to provide them with the care possible. This guide will delve into the grooming requirements of dogs with hair and offer valuable tips on keeping them looking and feeling their absolute best.

Understanding the Difference between Dog Fur and Hair

Although people often use the terms “fur” and “hair” interchangeably when referring to a dog’s coat, there is actually a distinction between the two. In terms of fur, it tends to be thicker, shorter, and denser than hair. It serves as insulation against weather while also protecting dogs from environmental factors.

On the contrary, hair tends to be longer and finer and has a texture similar to human hair. Dogs with hair, not fur, typically shed less compared to those with fur because their hair grows continuously or goes through shedding cycles as fur does. Of being shed like fur, hairs are usually retained until they reach a certain length before naturally falling out.

Grooming Needs for Dogs with Hair

Since dogs with hair possess more coat characteristics than fur, they also have more grooming requirements. Understanding the need to keep their hair in good condition is crucial.

1. Regular Brushing

Dogs with hair benefit from brushing sessions, preventing tangles and minimizing shedding in the house. Using a brush for your dog’s coat type will remove hairs from the undercoat and prevent knots or mats from forming.

2. Professional Grooming

While regular brushing helps maintain a coat at home, it’s recommended to schedule grooming every 6-8 weeks for dogs with long hair. Groomers can trim ends, remove any mats or tangles that may have developed over time-sensitive areas like the ears, and ensure an overall neat appearance. Also, remember grooming a new puppy with hair is equally important, and you mustn’t overlook it. 

3. Routine Bathing

Regular baths are necessary to keep the skin and coat of dogs with hair healthy. It is generally advised to bathe them every four to six weeks or as needed. Using a shampoo specifically made for dogs helps maintain their oils while keeping them smelling fresh.

4. Hair Trimming

Trimming your dog’s hair around the paws and sanitary areas is important for hygiene reasons. These areas tend to accumulate dirt or debris, leading to infections if not taken care of properly.

Knowing Your Dog’s Coat Texture

When it comes to taking care of a dog’s hair, understanding their coat texture is essential for providing grooming. Some dogs with hair have coats that resemble silk. They require brushing and professional grooming to keep them free of tangles and looking sophisticated.

Other breeds may have fur, which tends to shed less but needs trims every six to eight weeks due to its fast growth rate. Dogs with fur usually benefit from brushing sessions combined with occasional professional grooming.

Lastly, certain breeds have fur that appears glossy and requires maintenance. However, these dogs still benefit from brushing to remove hairs and evenly distribute natural oils throughout their coat.


It is significant to understand the distinction between fur and hair in dogs when meeting their grooming requirements. Dogs with hair need brushing sessions, periodic visits to groomers every few weeks, regular baths, and occasional trims in sensitive areas such as paws and sanitary regions.

By becoming familiar with your dog’s coat texture, you can establish a grooming routine that ensures they always look their best while maintaining a healthy coat and overall well-being.

Whether your beloved pet has fur or hair, ensuring they receive grooming is essential to their well-being and overall appearance. It plays a role in keeping them content, at ease, and looking their best.

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Written by Joshua White


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