Bringing your four-legged friend on adventures with you is exciting, because you will get to show them all kinds of new experiences and see the world from their eyes. But it can also be slightly stressful if you don’t know what you need to bring along for safe travel.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, there are some things that you should always keep in the car with you for effortless transportation. Here are 10 essential dog car travel accessories that can make any trip much more enjoyable for you and your dog. 


It’s always useful to have an extra leash stored in the car in case you forget your go-to at home and your dog jumps in for a ride. It is critical that you can keep your dog under control when necessary, so you should always have a leash to keep them within arm’s reach. 


Consider adding treats that have a more subtle scent to your car. It’s no secret that dogs have more sensitive noses than us, and they are likely to detect their favorite treats and reach them in the car. 

Because of this, it is worth keeping a small handful of their favorite treats in a sealed container. Being able to reward them is a great way for your dog to create a positive association with riding in the car. 

Dog Booster Seat

For those who have curious canine friends who want to feel included, you could find a dog booster seat. This can allow them to watch the world going by and have a nap when they feel like it. 

Most dog booster seats are padded and made to keep your dog in the same place while you are driving. For more detail about keeping your dog safe, check out Pet Carrier Verdict


Your dog’s safety should be a priority, and a harness can make it much easier to keep them secure on the road. There are a range of harnesses which will be suitable for your car and your dog, which are worth investing in. 

Attaching the harness worn by your dog to the car seat or seatbelt attachment is easier than ever. If your dog does not like wearing harnesses, then another option to keep them in a safe position is a seatbelt attachment. It’s critical that you prevent them from causing a distraction when you are driving in order to stay safe on the road and avoid causing them distress. 

Protective Seat Covers

It could also be worth purchasing protective seat covers if you are planning to drive with your dog across the back seats. These come in a range of sizes and materials, and can be ideal to collect hair and keep your car clean. Seat covers are easy to remove and put into the washing machine. 

Portable Water Bowl

Keep your dog hydrated with a small bottle of water that attaches to a mini bowl. This is a great way to make sure they are getting enough water when you are driving. Larger breeds which need more water could benefit from foldable water bowls, which allows them to drink as much as they need once you have stopped driving. 

Chew Toys

This is a great way of keeping your dog distracted when you are traveling. Consider packing chew toys which they will spend more time focusing on, as these will be ideal for long drives. 


Another way of keeping your dog safe when you are on the road is by getting them comfortable in a crate. This can be a great option if they are a little antsy when they are in the car, because they are more likely to feel safe in a crate which has more structure than other options such as a harness. 

Cooling Pad

If your dog is more prone to overheating, then you could set a cooling pad down for them to sit on when they are in the car. This is a mess-free way of keeping them comfortable and at the right temperature. 

Pet First Aid Kit

Add a first aid kit to your pack if your dog needs medication, or if they are prone to injuries, then it could be worth adding a mini first aid kit to your car before setting out. This can include anything which you think would help your dog in an emergency, including water and a small towel. 


Make sure you are thinking about your canine companion’s needs and how they behave in the car. For example, some dogs will not necessarily need a cooling pad as much as others. Certain treats are also specific to your dog’s diet and preferences. 

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