Try Out Vegan Hair Dyes from Moehair

Semi-permanent hair dyes have gained quite a popularity in the last few years. It allows you to experiment with quirky and vibrant color shades without committing to the color for longer. The ease of application from the comfort of your home further makes it a high-demand product. 

If you love experimenting with bold and vibrant colors, here’s what you need to try. With a vegan and non-toxic formulation, Moehair’s Voodoo semi-permanent hair color lets you switch colors often without damaging your hair. The electric colors perfectly blend with today’s fashion statement and style. 

What makes Moehair’s temporary colors stand out?

If your motto is dye, rinse, and repeat – you will love the quirky Voodoo range. A velvety and non-drippy formulation makes it easy to apply the color without hassle. As the color wears off and fades away in a couple of washes, you don’t have to worry about it staying on for long. 

Transform your hair and style with Voodoo’s magic touch:

Range of plush and bright colors

The semi-permanent hair dyes promise transformation with its vibrant and vivid colors. Be it the rich magenta hair dye, the luxe shades of purple, or the feisty red or serene blue – rekindle your confidence. Moehair has 10 vibrant hues of temporary hair colors that would leave your tresses obsessing. Here are some of the shades to try if you love dying and experimenting:

  • Purple hair dye – The luxurious and regal hue of purple and orchid complements all skin tones. The cool undertones do not go unnoticed. 
  • Pink hair dye – Feel the romance in the air as you paint your hair with soft strokes of pink. Channel your Barbie aura with pastel pink hair dye.
  • Yellow hair dye – Kick off your summertime dream with luscious shades of yellow. Flaunt your buttery shades and feel the sunny vibe. 
  • Green hair dye – Feel one with nature as the subtle hues of green take over your tresses. Time to get your makeover. 
  • Blue hair dye – Let the serenity of blue give you the much-needed ultimate makeover and enhance your look. 
  • White hair dye – Be a trendsetter as you cover your locks in luscious shades of white and platinum. Cover your grays or accentuate your salt-and-pepper look. 
  • Magenta hair dye – Live your pop star dream as you flaunt the stunning shades of magenta with blends of earthly tones. 
  • Red hair dye – A dash of red and coppery tones brings out fiery shades. Go old school with a crown of red hair. 

Vegan and non-toxic formulation 

Voodoo’s semi-permanent dyes are vegan, cruelty-free, and gentle on your mane. A safe and non-toxic formulation is ideal for all types of hair and textures. The color is free of sulfate, paraben, and ammonia, which makes it safe for use. Enriched with natural oils and hydrolyzed rice protein, the hair colour protects the hair and gives it a glossy appearance. 

Effortless application without a long-term commitment

The creamy, non-drippy, and velvety formulation makes applying the color from the comfort of your home easy. As the paint coats the outer layer and is not absorbed into the hair shaft, it fades in just a couple of washes. This means no long-term commitment with just one colour. It gives you the window to experiment with a range of colours. Just mix the color in a bowl, and you are all set to apply it to your hair. The instruction leaflet details the steps of the application. 

The tendency to try new colors has increased with the rise in hair color aficionados. Semi-permanent is the perfect product that allows you to experiment with various colors and let it wear off in a few days. Try the Voodoo and let hair colour be an enjoyable experience. a

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