The Same Tie Dye T Shirts, 5 Different Outfits

Like any other type of t-shirt, tie dye t shirts are considered an essential piece in your wardrobe, and their versatility fully justifies the status it enjoys: they can be both sober and comfortable. If you choose to wear it with a suit or transform it into a chic piece, if you match it with a pair of short jeans and a cardigan, it can transform your entire outfit. And the best part is that if you are handy, you can buy blank apparel and create this type of t-shirts to your taste.  

But how you can transform an item of clothing as basic as the classic tie dye t shirts is not just about that. There are many outfit ideas in which the same t-shirt you can successfully reincarnate, becoming boho, office, glam, edgy or ultra-feminine. So, if you had the impression that you have exploited the full potential of your favorite t-shirt, read on and discover how you can breathe new life into your colorful t-shirt, just by a few styling secrets.

Blank Apparel for Office Outfit 

Office style is usually the first fashion sector in which you tend to find minimalist elements, more conservative cuts and a strong inclination towards simplicity. That is why blank apparel is often the first option for a uniform. But these things should not exclude the tie dye t-shirt from your office wardrobe. Choose a T-shirt with a V-neckline and combine it with jackets, pencil or midi skirts, and flat or straight pants. As long as you keep the straight lines and minimalist silhouettes for the rest of the pieces, this t-shirt will integrate perfectly into your office outfits.

Tie dye T Shirts as a Party Outfit

If there is one thing that is easy to overlook when you think of a suitable outfit for an occasion that requires more attention to clothing, the shirt is one of the first pieces that you tend to ignore. There’s nothing wrong with that. The tie dye t shirts are the ideal solution to balance the impact of statement pieces, such as a jacket embroidered with beads or a pencil skirt that faithfully follows the body line. So, the next time you feel intimidated by a vibrant print or a more eccentric cut, rely on these t-shirts to restore the balance of bolder choices.

Edgy Outfits for Special Events

Maybe the blank apparel t-shirt is ideal for building a minimalist outfit, but it is also the perfect base for an outfit in which you can put your creativity to the test, combining different lengths and prints, neutral and strong shades. The trend you can’t ignore this year is the wide pants and palazzo, which will create an impactful outfit if you match them with a short jacket and a pair of heeled slippers. 

Ultrafeminine Outfit

Spring is beginning to make its presence felt. So, the need to wear feminine outfits and stronger shades can be felt even by those of us who have formed a more androgynous style. Of course, it’s hard to resist a breeze of floral prints, bright colors and quintessential feminine cuts, but it won’t be necessary either. You can opt for a closed skirt with a girly print and a blazer in a strong color, matched, of course, with tie dye t shirts instead.

Boho Outfit for Any Occasion

The simplicity of the blank apparel goes well with other pieces made of lush or heavy materials, such as denim or suede, and a ’70s outfit is ideal for demonstrating the principle. And for a personal accent in such a well-represented trend this season, you can resort to a simple way to reinvent the white shirt, putting it in the pants only halfway, or knotting it like a crop-top. The classic white T-shirt can withstand a lot of interpretations, whether you integrate it in an office, glam or feminine outfit, but it manages to keep its aura of calm refinement every time.

If you are looking for an outfit that keeps the perfect balance between a sophisticated air and a casual spirit, the tie dye t shirts should be the piece from which you start building this outfit. Everybody likes to wear clothes that are as modern as possible. You often simply take fashionable clothes from the shelves without thinking about how to match them or if they fit you. T-shirts are very popular every season because they are comfortable and available to anyone. You only have to think very carefully about how you will match them.

Clothing Items that Match Perfectly 

Perfect for a casual outfit, blank apparel is not necessarily suitable for a business meeting. It is also preferable to avoid it at the office. But in your free time, a T-shirt is an excellent idea. So, what do you match it with? Well, first of all, it would be pants and jeans. But, of course, even in this case, you have to think about the chosen model. In fact, given that you want to wear a T-shirt, it is better said that you can match it with almost everything you have in your wardrobe.

Regarding the color of the t-shirt and the color of the other clothing items, you must choose them carefully. It is preferable to choose a darker piece of clothing on the lower part of the body so that we can choose to tie dye t shirts on the upper part. However, given that the outside temperatures are getting higher and higher, you can choose a pair of white pants. Fortunately, not only pants are a good solution in this situation, but also skirts. But they must not add volume, which means that it is preferable to mold them. 

An important aspect, however, is the material of the clothing items. Especially in summer, you need to choose materials that allow the skin to breathe. Fortunately, all stores offer a wide range of blank apparel products. Even online stores allow you to read the product label to make sure you make the best choice. So, after all it has been said, how will you wear your t-shirts this season?