Easy Method to Solve Trigonometric Ratios using Sohcahtoa Calculator

The “SOHCAHTOA” is a mnemonic especially designed to learn trigonometric ratios. The term “SOHCAHTOA” describes S for sine, C for cosine, and T for hypotenuse. Sine is the ratio of opposite to hypotenuse, cosine is the ratio of Adjacent to hypotenuse and tangent is the ratio of opposite to adjacent. Here SOH in the mnemonic “SOHCAHTOA” describes sine whereas CAH goes for cosine ratio and TOA for tangent. It’s easy to learn the meaning of “SOHCAHTOA” to remember trigonometric formulas. Here we have designed a “SOHCAHTOA” calculator to solve trigonometric ratios. Enter the values of the base perpendicular or hypotenuse either to get the missing angle or side.

What is sohcahtoa?

Trigonometric term SOH stands for the “Sin”, CAH stands for the “Cos”, TOA stands for the “Tan”

SOHCAHTOA can be defined as:

SOH [Sin(θ)]= Opposite/Hypotenuse

CAH [Cos(θ)] = Adjacent/Hypotenuse

TOA [Tan(θ)] = Opposite/Adjacent

By learning “SOH CAH TOA”, you will be able to remember all the trigonometric ratios and in what way they are linked to triangle sides. You will find the meaning of  “Sin”, “Cos” and “Tan”.

 The complete concept of trigonometric ratios revolves around the term “SOH CAH TOA”. If you are using the trigonometry calculator, you can solve all the trigonometric ratios and their angles in the right triangles.

What is the reverse trigonometric ratio?

Cosec, Sec, Cot are rarely used to reverse trigonometric ratios of sin, cos, tan respectively. These are given by the formula given below.


Cos-1=Sec= Hypotenuse/Adjacent

Tan-1=Cot = Adjacent/Opposite

When using the sohcahtoa calculator, you can also find all the angles and areas of the right-angle triangle.

What is a right-angle triangle?

A triangle in which one angle is at 90 degrees is called as right-angle triangle. There are three sides of a right triangle Hypotenuse, Opposite side, and Adjacent. By finding these sides of the triangle we will know all angles of the triangle, their sine cosine and inverse ratios.

What is the Adjacent side:

The adjacent side is along the angle of the right-angle triangle. This is why this side is said to be the adjacent side of the right-angle triangle. Also, this is known as the base of a triangle.

Opposite side:

The opposite side is the side that is actually opposite to the angle of the right-angle triangle, which is also known to be the perpendicular of the right-angle triangle.


Now the Hypotenuses are the longest side of the right angle triangle is the side connected to the adjacent side of the right angle triangle


Consider a triangle ABC, the values are the Opposite side BC = 10 cm, and the angle A = 20, Find the side CA, that is Hypotenuse. 


Angle A = 20

Opposite side BC = 10 cm

Hypotenuse CA =?

Utilize the trigonometry calculator to find   the Hypotenuse, where is the ratio of sine in solving this question:


Sin θ =  Opposite Side /Hypotenuse


Sin θ = BC/CA

Now  BC = Opposite

Then  CA = Hypotenuse

Enter the values:

Sin 20 = 10/CA

  Sin 20/10 = 1/CA

    CA =  10/Sin 20

   CA =  29.24 cm

It’s Easy to use the sohcahtoa calculator for the trigonometric ratio Sin, Cos, and Tan. If you can’t remember the different trigonometric ratios formula and are not able to learn the term “SOHCAHTOA”. Simply visit our “SOHCAHTOA” calculator.


The basic ratios in trigonometry are sin, cos, tan which can be described by right-angle triangle sides. Their formulas can be juggled up while remembering. The easy way to remember their formulas is to remember the meaning of “SOHCAHTOA”. You will find it easy to learn the mnemonics and know the meaning of sin, cos, and tan.

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