Top Ten Internet Companies


After the advancement in technology, there has been an increase in the number of successful internet companies recently.

According to the statistics of companies with the highest revenue and market capitalization, below given are the top ten successful internet companies.

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Amazon is the top eCommerce platform that started as an online bookseller, which now offers digital streaming, artificial intelligence, Amazon music, audiobooks, movies. It is also the world’s largest online marketplace. 

This company has about 1,298,000 employees, with which they generated $386.06 billion by the end of 2020 and has a $1662 billion market capacity.

Alphabet (Google)

This is the most popular company known for its search engine, which also created its cloud storage called Google Drive and many work products like Google sheets, words, slides, docs, and also Google photos to store photos and video files.

Later in the year 2015, Google created their own parent company called Alphabet during the process of restructuring the company. 

Based on the data, the total revenue of Google is $182.52 billion, and they have $1.392 billion as their market capitalization.


This company was found by Mark Zuckerberg, who initially opened it only for Harvard students to communicate. Now Facebook Inc. has become the world’s largest social networking platform.

Other than this, they also have products like Facebook messenger, portal, and Facebook Watch. Recently they have included Whatsapp, Instagram, and Oculus as their subsidiaries. 

They registered their total revenue as $85.96 billion and $759.33 billion of market capitalization. (jingdong)

This Chinese e-commerce company has total revenue of about $69.823 billion and $51.51 as its market cap. 

This company was called as 360Buy that focused on selling optical instruments. Later, they showed their interest in electronics and new technologies. 

JD has become a leading company that works in two segments. One in JD mall controls the commerce of the company, and another is the new business that works on technologies.

The interesting part of this company is that they deliver goods through drone services.


The Alibaba Group is Asia’s largest multinational e-commerce and retail company. Their revenue is $56.15 billion, and they have $570.95 billion worth of market capitalization.

They are running two segments called Alibaba and Aliexpress, in which the former runs the wholesale business and the latter runs the retail.

This company is famous for recording the highest IPO in the world at $231 billion in the New York exchange in 2014.


This is a Chinese conglomerate company that subsidiaries in many internet-based services. They have created a large mark in the entertainment field by becoming the world’s biggest video game vendor.

They also provide services in music, eCommerce, gaming, payment system, and so on. 

By the end of 2019, they registered their total revenue as 54.08 billion and worth $460.98 billion of market capitalization. 

This is a large non-governmental retail company in China that has over 9000 stores in 700 cities of China and Japan.

They produce a large variety of merchandise that include household items, books, baby care products, service merchandise, home appliances, cosmetics, 3D products, and other general merchandise.

This strong company registered their total revenue generated as $38.06 billion and market capitalization worth $13.47 billion.


Netflix is a streaming service through which people can watch many TV shows, movies, and skits. This streaming business runs subscription-based plans taken by the viewers.

According to recent statistics, Netflix has around 208 million subscribers, and that explains their revenue which was registered as $24.99. The company’s market capitalization was $238.92 by the end of 2020.


PayPal is an American financial service company that helps people transferring money online in 25 different currencies.

This company acts as a payment processor for online vendors, auctions, donating to a particular account, and all other commercial users.

PayPal has 23,200 employees currently working and has registered their revenue as $21.45 in 2020.


In the tenth place, we have ByteDance, which is a social networking Chinese company whose headquarter is located in Beijing. 

They developed the famous social platform to share videos called TikTok and Douyin, along which they developed informational applications like news.

In ByteDance, about 10,000 employees are working currently with whom they have registered their revenue of $20 billion by the end of 2020.