The mobile industry market is updated with new products every day. Maybe we don’t see it, but nowadays it is so much easier to develop games than it used to be, that almost everyone considers himself a great screenwriter and programmer. But can every game be rightfully considered the best and does it take Hideo Kojima to make something genius? Let’s find out in our first part devoted to the ten best projects in the history of the mobile industry. Not all projects will make it here, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get their deserved place on the podium in future parts. Here we go.

1. Brawl Stars

A famous action game that, despite all its conditionally free of charge, allows you to enjoy local battles 3 on 3. There are so many modes that you can hardly get bored, and the roster of characters helps you pick your favorite and pump it up to the maximum. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million gamers, and it is also considered the least demanding of all the projects studio Supercell to donate.

With randoms can be not so interesting, because once for once is not necessary, and with one team you can easily win, and with the other to fail. So in such cases it’s easier and more fun to spend time in Brawl Stars together with your friends, especially since you can create your own Club with like-minded people.

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2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot Games may not be a pioneer in the mobile MOBA genre, but it is always a joy to see League of Legends with its rich universe, memorable characters, and huge community on touch screens. The game is still in the ZBT stage, but that’s only because the developers do not want to release a raw product and keep the brand of quality. There will be over 40 Champions available at launch, each of which can be unlocked for free if you put in the effort.

That said, don’t expect mobile gamers to be able to play alongside their brethren from older platforms. Although the champions and universe are the same, the map is only based on the Caller’s Ravine. The same goes for abilities. Still, MOBA fans and Riot Games are looking forward to this game, because it will become a standard of the genre on smartphones and will immediately gain popularity among the growing mobile audience of gamers.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

This dynamic first-person shooter has turned one month since its official launch. The community, as always, predicted an untimely death and lack of interest from mobile gamers, but it turned out to be the opposite and Bobby Kotick made the right bet. It is clear why: the players are no longer tied to a particular location, and instead they get favorite modes (deathmatch, Royal Battle, the arms race, and others), as well as an unforgettable heat of passion.

Almost every month Activision rolls out new updates, relaunches the battle pass and in general pleases users with an active addition of new content. Microtransactions are not necessary for a good pastime and in most cases only pumping and getting new levels is solved, although over time this process slows down and then you have to think about buying a combat pass or buying in-game currency. But to get to this point you need to play every day for a few hours at least.

In addition to pumping up the character you need to think about the weapon you use. Gradually it acquires different covers that reflect your style of play. Same can be said about the perks: do you want to move around the map silently, so that the enemy could see you only when using UAV? Then you put a silencer and choose the perk that reduces the level of noise. Well, if you like to be in the epicenter of events and waving your machine guns one in each hand, then the choice is obvious – less dispersion and more ammo in the magazine.

4. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Hardly anyone would have thought that GWENT, a card game in the universe of The Witcher, could become a separate game, but the popularity of Hearthstone and the lack of big competitors in this genre did their job and GWENT: The Witcher Card Game came into existence. In addition to its aesthetics and beloved characters, it attracts the fact that CD Projekt Red tried to make it as different as possible from the clones of the aforementioned Blizzard project.

There are six factions in the game, each with their own abilities and cards. Collect them in a deck and go out with a song to destroy your opponents. All matches are divided into three rounds, giving you the opportunity to win back at the end, if at the start, as always, “bad luck with the cards. Initially it may seem that the rules of Guinta are illogical and you and your opponent flip random cards, just to make something in a turn. But gradually comes the strategic realization that you can lose the battle, but win the war. And the more time you invest in Guint, the clearer its depth becomes. As for donation, if you take your time and turn card collecting into a kind of hobby, rather than a mindless sprint for time, then there will be no problems with the lack of resources or constant losses.

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

There’s a popular perception that Gameloft doesn’t usually release the games that audiences dream about. But then the question remains unanswered: “Why do games from this studio get so much attention from mobile gamers?” The Asphalt series is precisely famous for the fact that it hasn’t been hated by only the laziest. And if you considered it the most arcade series of car racing, the ninth part in this respect blurs all the boundaries and strives for new heights, and not only it. For example, in Project CARS GO there will also be this type of control, which I will now tell you about.

You see, the modern trend of arcade racing is as follows: the player does not have to control the car in the usual sense of the word. This may cause a seizure to those for whom racing is primarily a simulator, which must necessarily be played with a steering wheel, a manual gearbox and three pedals. But in Asphalt 9: Legends the only thing you have to do is choose where the car will go with swipes, as well as monitor the nitro bar and perform various tricks that fill up this scale. Along with this, players get great graphics and licensed autocars.

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

CJ returns to Grove Street to bring order and justice. San Andreas is one of the best parts in the legendary Grand Theft Auto series. And it is clear, because with each new part it seemed that now you can do everything you want: the players cleaned the cities from the Ballas and the Latins, flew away from the cops in a jetpack, ordered food at the diner and most importantly – fist fought with the passing grannies.

The plot of San Andreas tells the story of friendship and betrayal, love and hate, and just our crazy world with so many strange and incomprehensible things going on, that sometimes you look at the GTA series as a mirror of pop culture, business, underground life and other interesting pages of human life. There is something native to San Andreas for all of us, so this is where Nelson Mandela’s quote comes in handy: “There is nothing like going back to a place where nothing has changed to see how you yourself have changed.”

7. Dead Cells

When some substance enters the body of a dead soldier and starts controlling him, waving shurikens, swords and other weapons, you have to carry a flamethrower and get rid of it urgently. This is roughly what the enemies and monsters in Dead Cells do to you, because it’s a roguelike, where the whole point is to consistently advance into previously inaccessible places. Along the way, you’ll die so many times it’s scary to think about.

The game world is represented by a set of biomes, in which there are various monsters, as well as hidden secrets. Each passage is really unique, and if you are bored with any biome, you can always go in the alternative way to the places you haven’t been yet. And for the more experienced gamers Dead Cells will offer an increased level of difficulty, where even the hilest mobs will punish you for an early parry or any unnecessary step in the wrong direction.

8. Genshin Impact

MiHoYo didn’t miss a beat and at the end of September we got probably one of the long-awaited RPGs on mobile devices, because there’s no way Nintendo is releasing at least one part of The Legend of Zelda on iOS and Android. But now that little trouble is a thing of the past, because players got a game that’s conditionally free and doesn’t require a lot of cash infusions. It is dominated by a single-player campaign, where a roster of several characters is assembled, they are pumped up, save the world in parallel, and players admire the beauties.

Some manage to complete the main story in a week, while others have to spend a month on it. But it’s in this mentality and hides the main problem, because of which players can quickly burn out, as a result they have to slowly gather the necessary resources to further pump the characters, and not everyone likes it. But anyway there is no alternative to Genshin Impact and it is unlikely they will appear in the near future.

9. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert and its subsequent mobile version became a new standard for games of such genre, and they popularized Asian MMORPG, bringing them a breath of fresh air. Of course Black Desert Mobile belongs to the new generation of Asian multiplayer games, and there are a lot of elements that show this: from the scrupulous customization of the character to the use of Unreal Engine 4, which brings graphic expectations of gamers to a new level.

The cornerstone of any modern MMO is sharpening items and Black Desert Mobile did not miss this point, because it is in it lies a large part of randomness, and it also depends on the attraction of this or that character when choosing a place in a dungeon or raid. By the way, dungeons for 5 players here are called “Ruins”, which can often be said about the random players with whom you have to pass these dungeons, spending an inordinate amount of time on the squishy boss. But that’s the beauty of all MMORPGs, and Black Desert Mobile is a great place to start getting acquainted with the genre on smartphones.

10. World of Tanks Blitz

Belarusian company Wargaming was able to conquer not only the older platforms with their tanks, but also smartphones. After all, how nice it is sometimes to destroy the enemy team, driving them in the back, or beat the enemy tank, slowly climbing out of cover and making a point shot. Each team usually has two ways to win: destroy all opponents or take over the enemy base. This may sound simple, but Wargaming has succeeded in shoving all sorts of events that happen on the battlefield with millions of virtual tankers every day into lightning-fast battles.

As with Gwynth by CD Projekt Red, in World of Tanks: Blitz all the newcomers are chaotically dispersed on the map and try to shoot everything that moves and does not move. But gradually they will learn the maps and learn the weaknesses or strengths of their own and the enemy’s tanks. Happens not in the first hours of the game, because there are so many varieties of tanks and nations, that at least to learn your branch – already a certain kind of achievement and merit. But still this game remains the only one in its genre, despite the desire of other developers to take a tidbit of the pie.

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