Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sparked a major revolution in the iGaming industry since the introduction of the “Arms Deal” update. Once skins were introduced to the game, the demand for these purely cosmetic items grew immensely and led several players to invest in them over cryptocurrencies or even stocks.

Since CS:GO skin became a digital goldmine, CS:GO gambling has been a blazing trend in the community. Read on for a full explanation of CS:GO gambling. 

The Basics of CSGO Gambling – What You Need to Know

Simply put, CS:GO gambling is a segment of the online gambling industry that allows users to indulge in casino-like games, and CS:GO-themed games using skins as the primary payment method.

It is not rare to find CS:GO gamblers scrutinizing expert websites like to find promo codes and referral codes to apply on several gambling platforms. Typically, promo codes and referral codes can be used only once.

When compared to traditional online casinos, CS:GO gambling sites are significantly different. 

Gambling Options 

The main difference is the types of games available on these platforms. While it is possible to find slots, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and other similar games, these games are not the standard in CS:GO gambling sites. Instead, the biggest hits are:

  • CS:GO Crash
  • CS:GO Roulette
  • CS:GO Coinflip
  • CS:GO Jackpot
  • CS:GO Dice
  • CS:GO Plinko
  • CS:GO Hi-Lo

All the games are inspired by CS:GO themes. For example, if you like to wager on CS:GO Roulette, you have three options to place a bet on – Counter-Terrorists (CT), Terrorists (T), and the house spot.

Another unique form of CS:GO gambling is the possibility to open cases and drop skins. Originally, CS:GO players could buy keys to open in-game cases and drop skins.

CS:GO case openings websites adapted this original concept while offering players the chance to open exclusive cases crafted by themselves, meaning that each website can include whatever skins they want to a case.

If case openings seem a bit boring to you, you can indulge in CS:GO case battles. This gambling mode allows you to place a bet and dispute with other players to find out who drops the most valuable skins. The winner of the match takes all the opponents’ skins or cases home.

Bonuses and Rewards

Likewise, the rewards and bonuses available on CS:GO gambling sites tend to be more generous, as they are mostly paid in the form of skins. If necessary, players can withdraw the skin prizes to their inventories and then use third-party cashout sites to get the equivalent amount in real cash.

To survive in an overwhelmingly competitive environment, these platforms also host regular promotions to attract new customers and keep the existing ones excited to continue wagering with them. Standard promotions and bonuses include:

  • No-deposit bonuses
  • Free items or cash (e.g., free coins, free cases, free skins)
  • Match deposit bonuses
  • Giveaways
  • Free spins

Another characteristic of CS:GO gambling sites is the popularity of special codes that unlock special bonuses. 

How to Place a Bet on CS:GO Gambling Sites

Getting started on a CS:GO gambling site is not rocket science. The first step is to go through the registration process, which often requires you to sign up with a Steam account. From then, the process will look like this:

  1. Click on the button to deposit funds
  2. Choose the most convenient payment method and complete the deposit process
  3. Explore the website and find games/cases to indulge in
  4. Click on your favorite option
  5. Use the funds available on your account balance to place a bet
  6. Let the good times roll and enjoy!

After a win, you can request a withdrawal. If the prize was paid out in the form of skins, it will take seconds for you to complete the process.

CSGO Gambling Explained – Summary

Despite their solid reputation as valuable virtual assets, skins are just in-game items. Hence, they do not require the same level of legal scrutiny as banking payments, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies, tournaments, delivering quick processing and instant availability. 

When selecting a CS:GO gambling site, make sure to pick one that fulfills your needs with reputable licensing, a solid reputation, a well-established brand, convenient payment methods, and no hassles involved throughout the whole process.

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