Free Paper Writing Tools for Fast and Simple Academic Writing

Free Paper Writing Tools for Fast and Simple Academic Writing

Do you have certain wishes, like – if I had a magic brush to write my essays quickly? Well, it can certainly be true with technology! It’s the 21st century, and technology is one thing that never stops evolving.

Various academic services are designed for easy access to academic resources. If you need essay writing for free, MyAssignmentHelp  will give you a range of tools to use by yourself. 

You can also choose MyAssignmenthelp and visit here for instant written solutions. 

But you might not always wish to go for websites. That’s when you need tools that you can bookmark in your browser. Here are some of those tools you can try for free:

  • Online Summary Generator

Any text, from short stories to a doctoral thesis, can have its patterns examined by this tool. In order to create flawless thesis statements and abstracts, you can also summarise your writing. 

Here, the most important details are not the only ones this online summary maker focuses on. It gives you a well-organised outline for your document. 

Moreover, there is a clear transition in the summary from broad to specialised information.

  • Essay Map

You can create an outline for your essay using this tool. Its core structure is useful despite being intended for school-aged students rather than college-bound academics. It assists you in creating a map of the key concepts you may centre your essay on.

The primary framework, albeit constrained, also follows the conventional essay format. The five key checkpoints here are the introduction, idea 1, idea 2, idea 3, and conclusion. Additionally, you can list three crucial components for each of these concepts.

  • Voice Dictation

Voice-only essay writing is now possible because of advancements in voice recognition technology. It should go without saying that those who are unable to use a keyboard rely heavily on the voice dictation feature.

The tool is helpful even if you’re just a student with a lot on your mind. After all, not everyone enjoys creating intricate thought maps using note-taking software. Speaking our thoughts out loud as they occur is one of the many distinct ways people operate.

Without adhering to any predefined procedures or formats, the programme helps you produce excellent essays. It saves time as well. Just speak the entire sentence aloud as you type; any final adjustments can be made later.

  • Paper Rater

Once you’re done writing, you can use this tool. You can upload your essay, and the tool will use artificial intelligence and data science to provide feedback.

Your writing gets checked for grammar and plagiarism using the tool. Based on its assessment, it also makes recommendations. It also provides a grade for children in schools!

Of course, an AI tool’s feedback has several restrictions. The skill of an Paper checker service cannot be matched by any essay writing programme.

Apart from the above, below are three unique tools that can enhance your writing as well – 

  • Rytr

Rytr is an accessible platform for producing content driven by AI that enables you to produce content at scale for any niche.

It’s a good one to start with if you’ve never used an AI-powered writing tool because of how straightforward the interface is.

Up to 10,000 characters (not words) and AI-generated art are available in the free tier. 

Many AI copywriting tools lack the built-in plagiarism checker that Rytr offers to guarantee that all work is original.

  • Omni Calculator

Academic writers who require a little outside help with document preparation and pacing should use the Omni Calculator. The Omni Calculator asks you to enter the total number of words in your project and the deadline, after which it provides the daily word requirement to stay on schedule. 

It also determines your typical word count per minute, logs your writing time, and predicts how long it will take you to complete the task. The Omni calculator is a helpful tool for those of you who have trouble managing your time, provided you remember to use it.

  • Grammark

The online grammar checker Grammark can assess your writing for issues such as passive sentences, academic style, nominalisations, sentence diversity, wordiness, transitions, and a few other things.  

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Written by Joshua White

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