Moving requires certain logistics. It is necessary to estimate money, and time, get permission, book a moving service, and more. 

You should prepare for the move in advance and avoid packing at the last minute. Schedule yourself! Days before, set aside a few hours to put everything away little by little. Put on some music and take your time, do your best to enjoy that process. Here are some tips to help you. 

Look at the move as a house cleaning

Moving is an opportunity to get out of the house that you don’t like, which is no longer aligned with your life purpose. Take the opportunity to give away, donate, or throw away. Bring to the new space what you really want to be with you.

Fix the right time to move

Book in advance to avoid surprises. It is best to move from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 7 am to 4 pm. 

Do your administrative procedures in advance

Arrange to make all your address changes several weeks before the move. The best is to start 2 months in advance.

Some of the things you must look out for include:

  • suppliers of electricity;
  • gas;
  • water;
  • insurance;
  • subscriptions.

You have to think about all these before the course of the move. In addition, shortly before leaving your old home, also consider terminating your current contracts.

Choose the right transport for your move

What if your belongings don’t fit in your vehicle on the day of the move? It’s best to find one of the best long distance moving and storage companies in your locality or online and book a day for your move. 

Label the boxes

Organize to save time! Your future self will thank you very much for marking the boxes or bags with the name of the destination room. This marking will let movers unload each item in its place.  

On the other hand, using colored ribbons is also very useful so as not to write the same word on many bags. Each space can have a color to make it much easier to unpack. For example, the kitchen goes with the red ribbon. And if you are a very organized person, you can write down the content of each box and its color in a document or notebook. 

Use bags to pack your stuffs 

Although bags make inventory a bit difficult, garbage bags can be useful for soft items. For example, bedspreads, stuffed blankets, and animals.

Use travel bags

Use all the suitcases you have. They are perfect for storing heavy objects. For example, deposit all the books you have at home in them. 

Alert! It’s not a good idea to stuff a box with only books because it will break under the weight. 


Moving and choosing a moving company, whether for a short or long-distance move, is not that difficult. Just follow our tips, and you will find things more organized during and after the move into your new home.  

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