After a long year, working for hours on end, with only short breaks in between, you may want to go on holiday and take a break from the long and arduous working life. For many people, there are two options for holidays: staycations and vacations abroad. The type of holiday you take determines your kind of accommodation.

While hotels and Airbnbs could be fancy and appealing, have you ever considered getting a caravan for your holiday vacations? Going on holiday does not always have to equate to long hotel queues and early planning for accommodation. Holiday home ownership has grown in popularity over the years owing to the ease of access and comfort. But holiday homes do not have to be large beach houses are houses in the woods. A caravan is a popular choice that many adventure lovers opt for.  Is investing in such caravans a great choice? This article takes you through nit-grits if Atlas caravans.

Types of Caravans

There are two main types of caravans that you can go for when going on a staycation: touring caravans and static caravans. Touring caravans have an axle you can affix to the back of your car and drive around as you go on holiday. Touring caravans are ideal if you want to be on the move at all times and may have limited occupancy levels.

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On the other hand, static caravans like the Atlas Caravans are stationary. You can find them at a driving distance from popular tourist locations with caravan parks or in solitary pieces of land rented out to holiday goers. Unlike touring caravans, one of the most amazing things about static caravans is that you do not have to bother about where to park when going on holiday, especially at night.

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Why Should You Get Your Own Atlas Caravan?

You may be wondering why it would be essential to get your static caravan if you only need it during holidays, and you can always rent one from popular caravan parks. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Static Caravans Have Everything You Would Need in A House

Static caravans are ideally a home away from your own home. The static caravans have all the features you need at home, including air conditioning, electricity, full kitchens, good bathrooms, and all the requisite appliances. This is different from touring caravans which have a limited number of appliances available. Many people opt to stay in their static caravans during the year if they feel uncomfortable or bothered in their regular homes.

2. Static Caravans are Very Spacious

When you get a static caravan, you enjoy a lot of space and may have multiple bedrooms, depending on your specifications. Thus, with an excellent static caravan, you do not need to get extra accommodation for other family members when going on holiday. These homes are the complete friends and family package.

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3. Convenience

When going on holiday, most of the time is spent packing and unpacking, wondering what to carry and what to leave home. In fact, in many cases, you may get to the destination of your holiday only to realize you left something at home. Investing in your static caravan avoids all these issues since you can leave any essential things in the house over the year and use them on holiday. No one wants to travel across the state with a kayak, a canoe, or a holiday ATV when you can leave it in the static caravan.

4. Extra Streams of Income

If you are skeptical about having your static caravan since you will only be using it for less than three months every year, you can use your static caravan as an extra stream of income. You can rent out your caravan to others when you are not using it and earn some money, thus avoiding having an additional house you rarely use.

Parting Shot

While getting an excellent static caravan is a smart decision, you must ensure that you meet certain expectations before getting a caravan.

  • Ensure you have a place to put your static caravan before purchase. This could be your land or a caravan park or site. In most instances, you can buy a static caravan and the land it sits on. However, you need to confirm this before purchase.

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  • Access to and from the caravan is essential. Before getting a caravan, ensure that wherever you place it, you can access the location quickly and leave easily. This is important for both safety and comfort concerns.
  • Ensure that the features of the caravan meet your specifications. Features such as heating and appliances vary from caravan to caravan. Therefore, ensure that the caravan you get meets your needs before purchase.
  • The quality of roofing could indicate the quality of the caravan. Pitched roofing in a caravan provides a quitter time even in heavy rainfall. Thus, you need to get the best roofing for your caravan.
  • Lastly, make sure that everything works before purchase. Failure to do so could make you miss your opportunity to claim repairs or changes in advance.

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