There is no doubt that a lot has changed since the early days of Search Engine Optimization. Thousands of updates, changes in best practices, and ever-transforming tips and tricks have made SEO a highly challenging field. 

There is much more to SEO than just getting link juice and boosting sites. SEO holds enormous importance to determine brand success on digital platforms even for digital experts

While almost everyone seems to agree about the benefits of SEO, there is still a lot of speculation about what constitutes the best SEO. 

In this resource article, we look at some of the major ingredients of a successful SEO strategy. 

If you are someone that is looking to make the most out of your SEO strategy, or an agency professional looking to learn something new, stick around till the end of the article. 

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List of 5 Major Ingredients of a Successful SEO Strategy

  1. Having a Stellar Content Strategy- 

The success of a good SEO strategy squarely depends on having a great Content Strategy. To be honest, having a content strategy that is loved and appreciated by both audiences, as well as search engines, can help boost performance by ranking keywords. 

It is important to tailor-make the website content to ensure that it is SEO-friendly. Long format content that is SEO-optimized should be used on the website’s internal blogs. This can help in bringing audiences through an Inbound Marketing strategy. 

  1. Executing a Sound Website Architecture- 

While most get caught up with the Off-Page elements of SEO, Technical SEO continues to be one of the most important factors for success. Arranging the site architecture in an optimum fashion is one of the major guidelines that Google and other search engines recommend. 

For example, the website architecture must be tuned to ensure maximum site speed and page loading speeds. You also need to ensure that the site map is clear to enable the crawlers and algorithms of search engines to read and identify the content on your site.

  1. Building Strong Trust Signals for the Website- 

If you know your SEO, you would have heard the word ‘Trust’ come up a lot. Trust signals are very important in establishing the authority of the website. In most instances, they are measured by metrics like Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR). 

Higher metrics point to a trustworthy site, does not have spammy content, and is an industry leader in its niche. Building high-quality backlinks, getting great traffic and good technical optimization allows a website to build strong trust signals

  1. Credible Backlinks Build-up from Authority Sites- 

In addition to content and mobile optimization, backlinks continue to be one of Google’s top three ranking factors. The more credible backlinks you build for your website, the higher will be the reach, authority, metrics, and traffic. In other words, backlinks are invaluable. 

However, you need to bear in mind that backlinks should only be made from sites in your niche. Additionally, building spurious backlinks on link farms and directories will get you penalized from Google. This is why you need to engage with only White Hat Link Building strategies. 

  1. Presence on Local SEO and Social Media Backup- 

SEO is not just about remote audiences finding you on search engines and availing products and services from your website. Local SEO of which GMB is a major part helps in local search and discovery for a brand. This helps in physical walk-ins and sales from locations. 

Additionally, social media can play a major role in boosting SEO performance. If traffic comes from your social media pages to your website, Google looks at it as a strong trust signal and helps boost your SEO metrics accordingly. Social media support is integral for SEO in 2021. 

The Bottom Line

Other digital marketing strategies like SEM are slowly gaining ground and prominence in terms of their acceptability. While the debate on SEO vs SEM rages, experts think that none is a substitute for the other. Both of them have different functions and usages. 

In this article, we have tried to outline some of the major ingredients that go into building a successful SEO strategy. If you have any other questions that you would like us to address, drop them in the comments section below. 

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