Teen Mental Health Guide: What Parents Need To Know

Teen Mental Health Guide: What Parents Need To Know

Teenagers deal with a lot of pressure and changes in a small window. Between changing relationships, social groups, and hormonal shifts, teens often seem moody and distant. Many teenagers deal with anxiety and fear but do it alone because they feel shame or embarrassment. For parents, understanding what causes anxiety in teens can help them break down some of the walls their children put up. Still, beyond understanding, parents must create loving and supportive environments that encourage healthy coping strategies and self-confidence.

Create Supportive Environments

For teenagers experiencing anxiety, a non-habit-forming anxiety medication may be helpful. Also, your child needs a space to feel safe and free to express themselves. Often, creating a supportive environment for your teenager can make a world of difference regarding their anxiety symptoms.

A supportive environment is different from a lax environment. Children and adolescents need rules and routines. They also need consequences because that’s how they learn. Installing a structure for your kids is not restrictive, abusive, or unfair, no matter how much they say otherwise. In fact, setting appropriate and healthy boundaries is one of the critical elements of creating a supportive environment.

Another aspect of a supportive environment is your disposition. Always try to maintain a positive attitude around your teen. Encourage them to do their best and provide a shoulder to cry on when needed. You should represent unconditional love and support to your child. Sure, relationships involve a mixture of emotions, and you and your kid will definitely fight or argue. The point is to ensure they know you are always there, ready and willing to help.

On the rare occasion tempers flare up, don’t be afraid to walk away. Sometimes, both parties need a few minutes to themselves. Often, the argument doesn’t seem that important when given a little time to breathe. Always let cooler heads prevail.

Encourage Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Unfortunately, junior high and high school are times when your child faces drug and alcohol pressure. For teens experiencing mild to severe anxiety, unhealthy substances can seem like an enticing way to cope. They often ignore or don’t realize the potential long-term consequences of their actions. 

As a parent, you want to help your teen find healthy coping mechanisms, such as natural anxiety medication for teenager. If your child is not keen on taking medication, you can encourage other activities like meditation, sports, cycling, etc. Exercise and time spent outdoors are two of the best treatments for anxiety.

Another option for teens is to spend more quality time with friends and family. Maybe your child is due for some one-on-one time with mom or dad. Parents often undervalue their role in their teenager’s life. Every kid, regardless of age, needs mom and dad.

Teenagers are going through a lot of developmental and emotional changes, and those changes can cause significant anxiety. As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to provide a supportive environment and encourage healthy coping strategies. For teens with severe anxiety, consider consulting a local psychologist or medical professional.

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Written by Joshua White

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