Square-Wheeled Bicycle
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The Square Wheel Bicycle: The Future of Transportation?

Our ancestors discovered that for a comfortable means of transportation, circular wheels were essential. However the engineers behind the YouTube channel, the Q achieved the impossible. By building a bicycle with square wheels that roll as comfortably as one with wheels. Vehicles with non-circular wheels have been invented before. But the square-wheeled bicycle marks an important benchmark in the history of bicycles.

Challenging Convention

Back in the time, Mythbusters invented a pickup truck with square wheels. This resulted in an uncomfortable bumpy ride even with offset angles. However, a bicycle with triangular wheels displayed that it could work with a specially designed frame to reduce jarring movements.

Square Wheels in Action

The Q’s square-wheeled bicycle handles the issue of jarring movement uniquely. Instead of relying on the square wheels to roll, the engineers have ingeniously sliced the rubber tires and paired them with bike chains.

This made a continuous tread that slides along the pavement as the bike is ridden, similar to a pedal-powered tank. The builder constructs square support frames for the rotating tracks.

While riding a square-wheeled bicycle may seem impossible, it is amazingly comfortable when the right conditions are met. Mike Reiss demonstrated that the bike excels on a surface with perfectly convex bumps at the National Museum of Mathematics in New York. However, finding such surfaces every day is a challenge.


The Q’s square-wheeled bicycle is an important benchmark in the field of unconventional engineering. It challenges the idea of wheels and directs possibilities for exploring other wheel designs in transportation. From ancient times to modern experiments, innovation continues to shape the future of transportation concepts.

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