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If the casino world interests you even slightly (as it does a great many people!), it is impossible that you have not come into contact with slot machines in some way! From their origins in the late 1800s, to their unprecedented popularity in today’s online casinos, slot machines have evolved into complex, interactive games with thousands of variations – although there is still room in every casino for the classic one-armed bandit with three reels of fruit, bars, and sevens.

But have you ever wondered how slot machines actually work? The answer may be more complicated than you imagine! Why? Let’s find out together by taking a look at the evolution from the original mechanical machines to modern online slots.


Classic slot machines, like an automatic clock, are entirely mechanical. The original “one-armed bandits” use a system of gears and levers around a central shaft on which the reels turn. When a player inserts a coin or token, a detector registers the payment with a sensor (like a vending machine) and allows the lever to be pulled.

Many slot machines work this way even today, despite how far we’ve come from that distant past. Once the lever is pulled, a set of gears begins to rotate, while another rotating piece in the mechanical configuration (a cam) is moved forward, at the same time as three paddles are moved toward the reels. The cam is spring-loaded to return to its original position (which stops the sequence), but the rotating gears significantly delay the process.

The three blades then make contact with the disks on which the rollers are displayed, which in turn rotate around the central shaft. This causes them to turn rapidly until the cam moves back to its original position, stopping them one at a time. This is not a mechanical necessity, but rather a way to fuel suspense: did I win?

The answer to this question is punctuated in three successive moments. The discs that support the reels in a mechanical slot determine whether a payout is due by means of notches of various depths on the discs. Just as a lock unlocks only when the key that pushes the gears into the correct position is inserted, so a mechanical slot machine pays out only when the notches on the gears line up correctly to release a certain number of coins.



Although one-armed bandits, fruit-themed slots, and mechanical slots continue to enchant players around the world to this day, electric slot machines are now much more common in most casinos. From a player’s point of view, these slot machines work the same way as their mechanical counterparts: players pull a lever and see the reels spin before waiting for a result.

Many reproduce sounds of gears and levers that do not exist! Instead, such electric slot machines operate by means of motors that drive the reels and electromagnets that interrupt the circuits to stop them. When a winning combination is achieved, metal contacts attached to the reels activate circuits that allow different payout operations depending on the prizes.

Even these machines are now rare compared to the computerized slot machines that make up the vast majority of modern slot machines in casinos.

At this point, you might be wondering if these slot machines are somehow pre-programmed by the gambling halls to ensure that they always win, and the answer is no, definitely not! These machines use computerized electrical pulses to spin the reels and a built-in programmed RNG (random number generator) to determine when to stop the spin. These RNGs are independently verified by third-party authorities to ensure that the outcome is indeed as random as possible.


RNG generates random numbers ranging from 0 to several billion. As soon as the user presses the button to spin the reels in slot games, a program selects a random number. Each set of numbers corresponds to a certain arrangement of symbols on the pokies’ screen.

A software module links the numbers with the images, determining in what sequence the symbols should stop on the reels. The machine highlights the winning line, which was collected in this round, on the resulting image.

After defining the winnings, the machine will display an amount earned by the player, and credit it to the customer’s account. Then a player can continue spinning the reels or leave the game program.


In the next stage of their evolution, slot machines have naturally made their way into the world of online casinos. There’s an enormously wide variety of pokies online to consider, which attracts thousands of players every day to casino sites, and is entirely digital – a far cry from our starting position with mechanical versions. Online gaming has taken off in a big way in recent years, and casino games online are no exception.

Online slots are by far the most popular game in any online casino, and you will find thousands of different titles in their repertoires. Like computerized slot machines, they use an RNG to determine winnings and can offer a wide variety of bonus rounds and mini-games.

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