RocketPot Making Waves In The Bitcoin Gambling Market

RocketPot Making Waves In The Bitcoin Gambling Market

The global gambling industry has seen a lot of developments over the years which has led it to having a valuation of more than $500 billion and is projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2030. One of these developments is the rise of online gambling platforms and the increasing use of cryptocurrencies by said platforms. Crypto gambling has played a significant role in taking the industry’s estimated annual growth rate to around 6%.

The application of these new and exciting technologies by industry participants has driven rapid growth, but not much is different for the casino players when it comes to the overall gaming experience. This is because most online gambling platforms continue to provide the same types of casino games just in different packages.

User Friendly RocketPot

One bitcoin casino site currently bucking the trend is RocketPot. RocketPot is a simple and user friendly crypto gambling platform with refreshingly new gameplay. The demonstrably fair and transparent crypto casino site comes to you from Danneskjold Ventures B.V. offers a completely new gambling experience to its players by providing them with the chance to not only bet within the game but on the platform itself.

RocketPot is designed to keep players on the edge of their seats with its random nature while also giving its players an opportunity to multiply their wager. That being said, winning and losing mainly depends on the risk appetite of the player as well as the provably fair game engine.

RocketPot is recommended by CryptoManiaks as an online cryptocurrency gambling site with a massive range of games. In fact, there are over 4,000, from 56 game providers. With more than 3,000 slot games on offer, players are able to spend days playing through all of the different graphics, features and soundtracks.

Keeping The Players Happy

At RocketPot all players need to do is create an account, make an initial deposit before choosing the amount they want to bet. Take a Crash gambling game as an example. As soon as the game gets underway, players will see the RocketPot Multiplier rising. As the graph inches its way upwards, the value of their wager will also begin multiplying proportionally until it resets back to zero.

In order to make a profit, players need to cash out before the crash comes otherwise they will lose their bet. There is no way to tell when the crash will come but the bet multiplies while rising so this really is a game of nerves.

At RocketPot, players also have the opportunity to bankroll RocketPot by betting on the house to reel in whatever the house wins. The RocketPot bankroll is a player funded prize pool that collects and processes all of the bets and wins.

By paying in to the bankroll, players effectively become investors by holding a stake in it. Whenever players lose their investment, players in the bankroll each get to earn a portion of the platform’s profits, proportional to their stake after the completion of each round.

All The Benefits Of An Online Crypto Casino

RocketPot is a BTC casino site that ticks all of the right boxes. This cryptocurrency gambling site delivers all of the benefits of an online cryptocurrency gambling, and the reasons people enjoy it so much. We’re talking secure infrastructure, rapid transactions without geographical restrictions, transparent handing of funds, total anonymity, etc.

Now, with all these features and more, the Curacao licenced RocketPot has everything that one looks for in an online gambling platform, which makes it definitely worth trying for anyone who is looking to try their luck and place some bets.

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Written by Joshua White

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