For most of human history, we have been inventors who love to mash ideas together to create something new. If someone hadn’t seen the potential of combining computer technology with phone technology, we wouldn’t have the Internet that you’re reading this on right now.

As the rate of new technology increases from year to year, creators and inventive minds now have a massive new box of equipment to tinker with. We look at several interesting ways that technology is being combined within the online gambling world.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

To find a great example of where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are being combined, slot games are where we need to go. Slots are in fact where a lot of tech combinations appear, the prime example being Slingo. The series of games merge both slots and bingo, and you can just take a look at Paddy Power Bingo slot games to see how far that concept has spread over the years into all the major casino sites.

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The slot title we’re focusing on here though is the classic Gonzo’s Quest, or more accurately the live interactive version of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. The live slot is an enhanced version of the original and features both AR in a Gonzo character overlay, as well as a fully 360-degree environment if you’re one of the 10 million Oculus owners out there, or you have any other VR system.

The title is something of a revolutionary step and a move towards fully interactive gambling games in the future. While VR is still not an item that every household owns, and likely won’t be, it opens up the concept of another combination down the line with projects similar to the Metaverse, to create fully explorable and interactive virtual casinos.

Crypto Casino Integration

Right up there with AR and VR as technologies of the next age are the dozens of cryptocurrencies out there. The adoption of crypto by online casinos has been extremely rapid and most of the largest casinos have already integrated withdrawals and deposits in the major cryptocurrencies.

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With around 84 million Bitcoin holders alone out there, it’s no surprise that so many have taken it up, and it has even led to the creation of what are known as crypto casinos, where crypto is the primary means of placing bets, and promotions and bonuses will often be provided in Bitcoin.

Even Blockchain technology as a whole has started to be adopted, with several Blockchain casinos appearing. These primarily have the advantage of removing any ‘middlemen’ steps in between transactions thanks to the way that the system is built, increasing security for the player with a full untouchable record of every step.

Final note

The way to look at the above technologies and concepts is as a starting point for what can be achieved. The more tech is improved, the more opportunities will appear and that cycle can carry on almost infinitely.

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