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As more and more amateurs and serious gardeners realize the benefits of having a greenhouse on their property, the greenhouse craze is hotter than ever. We are all interested in learning more about Janssens’ most recent Royal Victorian greenhouse design even though we are all acquainted with conventional greenhouse designs. What is it, and why should we choose it above other greenhouse designs? This Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse Review is intended to assist you in making a choice.

Royal Victorian Style

Victorian-era English homes were built ornately and often in a gothic style, which has never gone out of style. The greatest greenhouse designs are said to have been developed during the Victorian period.

The thin glass panels, cast aluminum spandrels, and steep roof are desirable architectural features for both aesthetic and functional purposes. For instance, the high roof design makes it feasible to grow tall-growing plants like bananas or peaches. The ability for air to travel freely throughout the greenhouse improves the environment for the plants, which is another benefit of the higher roof.

Some of the finer aspects of the Janssens greenhouse design have been carried over into the contemporary version. The glass panels are the sole modification. The broad panel size, with a standard width of 2 feet, has replaced the previous narrow design.

Given this, what possible justification could there be for selecting the Royal Victorian greenhouse design above the others?

Why Choosing A Greenhouse With A Royal Victorian Style Is The Best Option?

You might argue that having a perennial garden all year long, regardless of temperature and season, is the main benefit of choosing to have a greenhouse on your property. It could be the case, yet it is a given that attractive gardens add aesthetic value to any house.

When someone arrives to your house, the garden is the first thing they notice. Standard greenhouse designs may undoubtedly improve the appearance of your property, but having one built to look exactly like a Victorian home offers a breathtaking perspective unmatched by any other.

The Royal Victorian greenhouse design offers various advantages for your plants in addition to its elegant appearance. You may be thinking at this point that purchasing a greenhouse with a design similar to the Royal Victorian would be expensive.

On the other hand, Janssens’ “Helios” greenhouse series, which has the Royal Victorian greenhouse style, is quite reasonably priced. Additionally, the company’s various sizes are made to match any kind of property and budget.

The finest of the best is Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse, but why is it the best?

Over the years, the Belgian business Janssens has developed greenhouse designs to meet the preferences of gardeners. Their competitive advantage over rivals is their more than 30 years of expertise in greenhouse design. The Royal Victorian design was launched by the firm in 1999 as a novel method to enhance the greenhouse’s functionality and visual appeal. The Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse Collection is the very good reasons listed below:

  • A free bonus feature is a foundation structure that is 6 inches high.
  • Has a misting system built in (all that’s required is a hose to attach to the faucet); • Uses either 10mm polycarbonate instead of 6-8mm instead of other companies’ 3mm or 4mm tough tempered glass?
  • A huge 6ft 7in high gutter and a shoulder that is one foot taller than other greenhouse types.
  • Unlike previous greenhouse types, it has rubber sealing rather than metal clips. This results in a Exaco Greenhouse that is more insulated and offers sturdy support for windows.
  • Offers various sizes and designs to fit every budget and every kind of property.
  • The design is more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the one-piece vertical glass. Other models’ usage of two glass pieces stacked on top of one another similarly collects dirt that is difficult, if not impossible, to clean.
  • The one or two spindle roof window is a nice feature to have in windy conditions. • Has one sliding door that can be positioned next to the site of the vertical glass, as well as roof windows in other regions that can also be automatically opened or closed. With this wonderful feature, you may choose to have your door on the side, the rear, or the front of the greenhouse (not in the T-shaped designs).
  • A greenhouse with the highest level of insulation is guaranteed by the use of 4 mm glass and rubber seals.
  • The newest Polycarbonate versions now incorporate Polycarbonate windows as well.
  • It may be relatively simple and quick to cultivate a variety of veggies and other plants throughout the winter. Stronger than windows made of thick glass are the “X-Strong” 10mm triple layer Polycarbonate windows. The nicest part of this most recent upgrade is that you may add it to your kit without paying an additional fee.
  • Aluminum profiles that are more robust, substantial, and robust than those used in other greenhouse designs.
  • The Polycarbonate panels’ beveled edges and U-shaped metal end caps provide enhanced toughness and lifetime.
  • Reasonably priced, virtually on pace with other greenhouse types
  • The Royal Victorian is available in four distinct sizes, as well as a vintage version in two sizes and two different T-Shaped Orangeries. This is due to the Royal Victorian’s taller design compared to other greenhouse models on the market.

Customer Evaluations Of Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse

Let’s look at each Royal Victorian model individually and see what our consumers have to say about it. Each of them had so far been quite pleased and proud of their new greenhouse. But don’t just take our word for it. Read their comments.

8′ X 10′ Royal Victorian VI 23 Greenhouse

Frontal view of the Royal Victorian VI23 Greenhouse

We’ve always wanted a traditional greenhouse for our garden. Therefore, we began assembling our Victorian glass greenhouse. Unfortunately, it took some time since it was our first time creating one. When we were unable to determine how to correctly anchor it, we phoned customer assistance. Even the provider phoned us for assistance as they were happy to assist. With VIP treatment, this is by far the finest customer service!

10 × 15-Foot Royal Victorian VI34 Greenhouse

Homesteading has been an idea I’ve had previously. However, I don’t want it to seem unkempt and nasty. The Victorian greenhouse was the next thing I learned. I specifically have the classy appearance in mind. Now I can simultaneously have a lavish garden and a safe home for my vegetables. With kids around, the safety of polycarbonate helps me feel better, and it makes up for the lack of transparency.

10 Feet By 20 Feet Royal Victorian VI36 Greenhouse

The initial construction of this greenhouse was difficult. We spent days on it. But after the harsh winter of this year, I felt quite content. Our whole work has been fruitful. We everyone believed it would fail. The fact that it seems as if nothing occurred astonished me. The reinforcing kit is appreciated. It wasn’t until after the snowstorm that we realised how important it was. Greenhouse Emporium, thank you for the wise counsel!

13 Feet By 20 Feet Royal Victorian VI46 Greenhouse

I decided to get the premium kit since I was so eager to obtain my first greenhouse. With a few friends’ assistance, my husband completed the majority of the job, and wow! Nothing was problematic. Even concerning the assembling portion, he had no complaints. When winter arrived, we just enjoyed gardening while being warm inside. I regret not buying it years ago. I adore it so much!

Royal Victorian Orangerie in a T-shape

Oh, the love I have for this greenhouse is beyond words. I can’t look away from it, and it has multiple uses. Here, we raise our lilies, orchids, and a few vegetables. I also put up a little lounge area where I keep my easel so I can paint my flourishing flower gardens. When it was arrived, there was minor glass damage, but the problem was quickly resolved. We just purchased glass panels, and they refunded us. Once we had everything set up and were able to enjoy our first tea time among the flowers, the rocky beginning was all forgotten.

T-Shaped Orangerie Royal Victorian Antique

Time for me to boast! My pals have been envious of this. I hired a qualified installer to construct this. I now have a little, comfortable room for our tea time, and my family is in care of all the plants. We had a good excuse to remain inside while taking in the outdoors thanks to this tiny paradise. The children no longer remain confined in their rooms. We now connect through gardening, and I no longer have to make them eat their vegetables. I’m receiving more than I anticipated. I’m extremely lucky to have this greenhouse!

Royal Victorian Greenhouse In The Past

This is the finest birthday present I’ve ever received because I adore the outdoors. Just now, I turned our common garden into a rare paradise. This Retro Victorian’s design is just lovely. It transforms our garden into a beautiful movie setting. As I cultivate my flowers inside, I enjoy the natural light and fresh air. It is completely furnished with all I need for my daily activities. Furthermore, I am not concerned about the bad weather. Nothing is more fulfilling than an investment that was properly made.

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