PowerFill Dermal Fillers: Redefining Beauty and Confidence Through Advanced Aesthetic Solutions

An innovative product called PowerFill has emerged in the world of aesthetic medicine, representing a revolution in the field of dermal fillers. Unlike traditional products, this filler utilizes globular particles of polylactic acid (PLA), bringing hitherto unseen possibilities to the process of stimulation of neocollagenesis.

The use of polylactic acid-based products has become a safer and less invasive alternative to implant-based surgical augmentation. PowerFill, which is a polylactic acid specifically designed to increase volume in various areas of the body.

PowerFill review

The main highlight of PowerFill lies in its ability to activate the body’s natural collagen formation process. This hypoallergenic filler is based on the innovative principle of stimulating the body’s collagen production, creating a firm support and thus significantly increasing volume. The unlimited possibilities offered by this product make it an excellent choice for those wishing to improve skin volume and structure.

PowerFill is a completely safe and hypoallergenic preparation that is completely degradable over time and excreted by the body. At the same time, it creates a strong structure of collagen fibers.

Mechanism of action

Polylactic acid acts as a tissue-replacement drug, provoking irritation and activation of fibroblasts, which begin to produce collagen. A few weeks after injection, polylactic acid breaks down, leaving behind a framework of its collagen fibers. This process helps to enlarge and tighten the injection area.

Application procedure

The use of polylactic acid in the framework of contour plasty is virtually painless and minimally traumatic procedure. PowerFill comes in the form of a dry preparation, which is dissolved in liquid form before application. In the first step, the doctor marks the area of insertion for both standing and sitting patients. After antiseptic treatment of the skin and anesthesia, the doctor injects the drug into the desired location using a cannula through one or two punctures, distributing it evenly. The injection area is then massaged to ensure even distribution of the drug.

For a few days after the procedure, the area that was exposed becomes more sensitive. The patient is advised to avoid direct sunlight for the first week, refrain from going to the gym for the first week (later physical activity is encouraged) and refrain from going to the sauna for two weeks.

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Written by Joshua White

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