Top Places to Visit In Little Rock

On the off chance that you are planning a holiday to Arkansas to make the most of its beaches, parks, museums, historic sites, and the arts and cultural scene, your key stop should definitely be its capital city, Little Rock.

Little Rock is situated along the banks of the Arkansas River in Pulaski County, situated right in the heart of the state. And with a bustling populace of almost 200,000 residents, it is the biggest city in Arkansas and certainly a destination where you can have the time of your life for a good price. The hub of most of Arkansas’ cultural centers, Little Rock was reportedly listed by USA Today as the third-most rewarding and travel-worthy capital city in the entire state.

Little Rock may well be the megacity of AR, but there is still plenty of delightful diverse scenery and recreational activities to partake in while you are there. Known for its welcoming people and Southern cordiality, the city blends the South’s finest elements: a colorful atmosphere, a lively downtown, and a historic atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you want to let yourself be carried away by the history of the state, discover nature or explore family-friendly adventures that your children can enjoy, you get to pick from a wide variety of things you can do in Little Rock. If you don’t know where to begin, we have compiled a list of the top things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas to lead you on your upcoming epic journey.

Unique Things to do in Little Rock

Visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Library

If you are a history buff, it does not get any better than visiting the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. The center is standing proof and a remembrance of what the Clinton family has accomplished for America and its citizens.

Situated right in the middle of Little Rock, the library provides a diverse range of seasonal and everlasting displays and even some educational facilities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

The place also houses a museum, a fine dining restaurant that should be on every foodie’s must-try list, as well as the intriguing exhibition of ‘Coca-Cola: an American Original.’

Whether you are on the lookout to learn more history, or indulge in politics, the William J. Clinton Presidential Centre will make your visit to Little Rock one that you will remember forever. The center offers free entry on a regular basis all year round, along with a stunning view of the Arkansas River.

Unwind at Pinnacle Mountain, State Park

According to multiple sources, Pinnacle Mountain is the centerpiece aspect of the landscape of Little Rock, and the 2,356 hectare State Park that encircles it is just as spectacular, rendering it one of the most beautiful spots to visit in America.

Many find this state park to be the perfect destination to visit on their trip to Little Rock, as Pinnacle Mountain only gets bigger and more majestic, the closer you get to it. The whole mountain, with its pleasant fall colors, is especially hard to ignore in the cooler months.

To get the most out of your visit to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park, consider renting an RV in Little Rock and let yourself enjoy recreational activities such as boating and camping on the banks of the Maumelle River with a day-trip park, watch the sunrise, have a picnic with your loved ones or join in one of the educational programs formulated by the state park staff.

Just don’t forget to take appropriate clothing with you so nothing can hinder your beautiful experience!

Let Loose at the Rock Town Distillery

The success of craft beer in Little Rock has been booming along with many other towns and cities in the United States for quite a few years now. Founded in 2010, Rock Town Distillery is the heart of the craft center of the city and is perfect if you are looking to raise your spirits after a rough or boring night.

The prize-winning brewery runs tours all year long that allow tourists to truly experience the spirit-making procedure and discover how the basic grain grown by their own local farmers – as if by the power of alchemy – is being turned into whiskey, vodka, bourbon, and gin.

Once you have explored the distillery to your heart’s content, the part you have been eagerly anticipating arrives: sampling and test-tasting the rich alcohol. The tour will take about half an hour and culminates in a souvenir store where tourists will be able to collect and buy some of the freshly-made consumables.

Please bear in mind that America’s legal drinking age is 21, and don’t forget to take your ID card with you when you go. Happy drinking!

Tour the Arkansas State Capitol

Everybody who comes to Little Rock should definitely not lose the opportunity to visit the epicenter of the entire state, also known as the Arkansas State Capitol Building, which is also the headquarters of the Government of Arkansas.

Founded in 1899 and utilized for the purpose of lodging a state jail, the building itself is an architectural treasure. As of now, it has been adorned with ornate calcareous stone and marble along with a 24-carat gold leaf cupola logo that is situated on the roof so it is visible from a long distance away.

The house comprises a number of significant landmarks including the Liberty Bell model and a Little Rock Nine Civil Rights memorial, as well. There is now also a memorial dedicated to the Confederate War Prisoners, and interactive tours led by experienced staff members are readily accessible to illustrate the importance of all these cultural jewels.

The Capitol now shows exhibitions inside, while its premises highlight statues and artifacts reflecting key historical and political activities in the region, along with even some important contemporary events.

Ride Along on Big Dam Bridge

The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock is the country’s largest bridge, which was especially designed for pedestrians and cyclists to cycle, bike around, and walk to their heart’s content. This remarkable framework was labeled the Big Dam Bridge because of its huge 4,226-foot length constructed on top of Murray Lock and Dam.

This route takes you to the presidential center of Clinton, the River Market, museums, restaurants, etc., and so much more. Especially in Northern Little Rock, the Big Dam Bridge integrates approximately 20 kilometers of beautiful, scénic waterways with each other. It links 70,000 hectares of the city, county, government, and state parks. The bridge provides a real sense of togetherness by being a location for festivals, contests, and other recreational activities.

The Big Dam Bridge 100 cycling tour, which has an average of over 3,000 participants showing up every year, has now become one of the most famous annual activities on the dam. The Full Moon Walk, Race the Base and the Ronde von Burns Criterium Series are all frequent activities held upon this path.

Come take a stroll or bring your bike to one of Little Rock’s most famous bridges now!

Bustle Around in River Market District

If you are a traveler on the lookout for an active and thriving atmosphere, the River Market District is ideal for you! The River Market District is a vibrant and modernized Little Rock area situated at the southern bank of President Clinton Avenue.

This neighborhood once had plenty of abandoned lots and buildings, but developments started in the 1990s after the region was totally demolished and rejuvenated. The heart of the district lies in Ottenheimer Market Hall, which is a famous and diverse outdoor food market with various regional and international booths and vendors selling literally everything that catches a tourist’s eye – from amazing coffee to burgers to even sushi.

The Farmers’ Market is held in a couple of outdoor cabanas in the River Market District on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the months from May to October. Besides the seasonal farmer’s market, there are a lot more activities that tourists can enjoy in this part of the region, such as local performances and live music. You will also find several bars and clubs if you are looking for a night out with your friends.

It also houses the River Market Entertainment District, where tourists can buy and drink alcoholic drinks within the area. In particular, tourists like the shops in River Market District and find it an excellent spot to buy souvenirs and presents. What more could you want?

Stop By the Little Rock Zoo

Now that you have finally managed to find your way to Little Rock, AR, you shouldn’t even think about going back home without visiting the Little Rock Zoo at least once during your trip. The exhibits on natural animals and the initiatives for education teach individuals of different ages all about the value of protecting the wildlife of our planet.

The zoo was established in 1926 with only a couple of animals, a bear that had been trained in a circus and a timber wolf. The Little Rock Zoo currently holds almost 700 animals of over 200 species, several of which are endangered. The activities offered are certainly worth going for, like feeding pigs, chasing cheetahs, etc.

The Little Rock Zoo is the perfect spot to rest and admire adorable animals and plunge into the “wildlife” sector.

Explore Art at the Arkansas Arts Center

The idea for Arkansas Arts Center started in 1914 and was released to the world as the Fine Arts Museum in 1937. With a globally-recognized drawing library, a prize-winning Children’s Theater, and the Museum School – the Arkansas Art Center is the best part of Little Rock’s art and culture.

The place showcases artworks from the 1400s to the present day, including styles such as drawing, industrial art, illustration, photography, and publishing. There are various legendary icons from the world of art, such as Monet, Rivera, Renoir, and Redon, being displayed at the center, which encourages discussions of nature, creativity, and the natural world.

Whether you like looking at art or making it, we are sure you won’t regret visiting the center at least once during your trip. The best part? Entry to the Arkansas Arts Center is absolutely free!

The Bottom Line

And there we have it. Little Rock is one of the best places to visit in America and has something to offer to individuals of literally all ages and backgrounds, and now that you know what the best places to visit are, you shouldn’t be wasting even a single second.

Everyone deserves a little bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of their life. This year, book your holiday and rent an RV to Little Rock and see what the heart of Arkansas has to offer you in style! By the time you decide to return home, you will be leaving a new favorite holiday place with a huge load of memories and tales to share.

Just don’t forget to take a look at the calendar of activities before preparing your stay, so that you are able to take full advantage of the finest places and activities happening in the city.

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