Pavlok Net Worth 2024 NEW UPDATE? Here is what happened after Shark Tank & COMPLETE the story so far

Pavlok Net Worth Now? Here is what happened after Shark Tank & COMPLETE the story so far

“Pavlok” got featured on Shark Tank America on May 20, 2016. It has a net worth of around 2 Million USD as of 2024. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Pavlok has experienced tremendous growth and success. They have secured additional funding and partnerships, leading to an estimated net worth of 2 Million USD.

People have bad habits like nail-biting, oversleeping, and overusing social media. Pavlok founder Maneesh Sethi looked for a way to control them by signaling the brain with little electric shocks. Pavlok is his ultimate solution for it.

Maneesh Sethi offered 3.14% of his company for an investment of $500,000. But His product pitch was not able to lock a deal at the Shark Tank. This article tells you how a company reaches a net worth of $2 million this year after the Shark Tank and the latest update and their story so far. We dived through sources like and Latka for reliable information.

What is Pavlok’s net worth in 2024?

Following the Shark Tank rejection, Pavlok won both publicity and external investors. The company is growing well in the last few years and doing great business. The company’s net worth is $2 million as of 2024. Its CEO Maneesh Sethi has a net worth of $1.8 million.

Pavlok’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank15.9 Million USD (business valuation) USD (business valuation)
Pavlok’s Current Net Worth (2024) 2 Million USD
EpisodeSeason 7 Episode 29
Company namePavlok’s Current Net Worth (2023) 
ProductWearable shock therapy product
FounderManeesh Sethi
Asked for$500,000 for 3.14% Equity
Final dealNo deal
SharkNo shark
Business statusIn Business
LocationBoston, USA

Curious to know how they made it and how they do it now? Read further down.

How is Pavlok doing now?

As of now, Pavlok has raised funding above $300,000 across four rounds. The company now offers a wide array of services. Their wristbands help people take better control of their habits. They help improve fitness, self-discipline, and focus.

They have a monthly membership program called ‘The Pavlok Challenge’. Then they reward the winners with cash, bitcoin, discounts, and Amazon gift cards. Getlatka reveals that the revenue run rate of Pavlok hit $371,000 in 2023. 

The company has come so far, thanks to the spotlight shed at the Shark Tank.

Here find the key accomplishments Pavlok achieved after Shark Tank to now.

2013Pavlok wrist device was launched by Maneesh Sethi.
2014Maneesh was able to launch the company after raising $283,827 from the IndieGoGo campaign.
2022As of 2022, the company was able to reach a $2 million net worth
2022Pavlok made $371,000 in revenue according to

What does a Pavlok do?

According to Pavlock’s official website, Pavlok is a wearable device that uses electrical stimulation to help you start good habits and stop bad ones. This is a form of aversion therapy. This help to avoid bad habits like oversleeping, overusing social media, and nail-biting.

How does the Pavlok Wristband work?

Pavlok works by associating the habit you want to change or improve with a slightly uncomfortable electrical impulse. The device helps train your brain to associate the behavior you want to change with the uncomfortable stimulus.

company has three main wristband types:

  • Pavlok 3 – Helps improve focus, mindfulness, and good habits
  • Pavlok 2 – Gives stimulations to get rid of bad habits
  • Shock Clock – Wakes up people from oversleeping

These products are based on aversion therapy. This means they give your hand vibrations or a little painful sensation as a response to bad habits. All devices are wearable and rechargeable.

Who is the owner of Pavlok?

Maneesh Sethi is the man behind these unique products. Pavlok’s parent company is Behavioral Technologies Group. The founder and CEO, Maneesh Sethi, graduated from Stanford University. Information Technology, marketing, and psychology are the interests of this Indian-American entrepreneur.

By now, he has four books published. Game Programming for Teens, Web Design for Teens, 3D Game Programming for Teens, and PHP for Teens.

Maneesh himself had suffered from bad habits like overusing social media. In 2012, he even hired a lady called Kara to monitor this and slap him. He invented the Pavlok device for self-help. That was the origin of Pavlok.

“Fortunately, we have great products. We have thousands of user reviews who did quit smoking, nail-biting, unhealthy sleeping, and eating.”

Maneesh Sethi (2017) at Take Off With Nik

What happened at the Shark Tank?

On 20th May 2016, Pavlok appeared in season 7 episode 29 of Shark Tank. Founder Maneesh Sethi enters the show with the hope of $500,000 for 3.14% of equity. Robert Herjavec saw the valuation as too high. Every shark laughed at his idea of giving electric sensations.

Even though Kevin O’Leary gave an offer, Sethi rejected it. Sethi responded,

“I would take an offer from anybody besides Mr. Wonderful,

Then the pitch ended with a hot argument.

Kevin O’Leary offers Maneesh Sethi $500,000 for a portion of his Pavlok company, and he turns down his offer.

Why did Pavlok not want to work with Mr. Wonderful?

Sethi recently did a live Facebook video going into further detail on why he rejected O’Leary’s offer:

“I don’t regret not taking his investment. The truth is Mr. Wonderful is just not the right partner for us. He’s very angry and very belligerent and very focused on money and not focused on helping people. I think that it was very obvious and evident from when I turned him down, he started cursing at me.”

Also, Sethi wrote an article for Medium himself, Why I Turned Down A $500,000 Deal On Shark Tank.

Here is what the Twitter community thought about the incident. However, Pavlok’s true journey toward success happened after the rejection!

Pavlok Shark Tank UPDATE- What happened to Pavlok After the Shark Tank

In an interview held with Success magazine, Sethi describes the consequences that happened just after the Shark Tank episode. Someone has given 39 fake 1-star reviews for Pavlok on Amazon. They had to struggle for some time to regain trust.

It’s true the founder’s pitch at the Shark Tank failed. However, this drew more public attention and more sales in Pavlok. It paved the way to find their three investorsBolt (2013), IncWell (2015), and MassChallenge (2015). This eventually increased their capital.

By 2021 April, Pavlock has sold over 100,000 units according to Success magazine. With over $200,000 in funding, they produced more physical and digital devices. They were able to launch a Chrome extension called Zapier to improve productivity. The Shock Clock came as the next major launch.

The company now generates annual revenue estimated at around $400,000. The sales growth has been steady, owing to their unique range of products.

Does Pavlok have similar competitors? Of course, yes.

Competitors of the company

We can identify SleepCogniRevibe Tech, The TouchPoint Solution, and Wearable Experiments among the top competitors of the company. However, Pavlok ranks 1st among them.

Final thoughts

With a $2 million net worth, the company now ranks 1st among its competitors. CEO Maneesh Sethi’s vision was to help people get out of bad habits. The company succeeded with three investors, after the Shark Tank rejection.


Does Pavlok Shock Clockwork?

According to the company records, more than 100,000 people built good habits with Pavlok. For instance, Heather from Minnesota was able to stop her nail-biting habit, with the help of the Pavlok Shock Clock.

Is Pavlok watch safe?

Maneesh Sethi affirms that Pavlok is highly safe. According to them, it hurts but won’t damage the body or skin.

How strong is the Pavlok shock?

It gives an electric shock to your wrist, for an area of around 1 inch. The electric shock may vary between 50 volts – 450 volts.

Is Pavlok still in business?

Pavlok is still in business as a health and fitness retailer. They carry out sales through their website and do not have a physical store. They also ship worldwide.

Is Pavlok successful?

Pavlok’s official website attracts around 40,600 monthly visitors.
According to PipeCandy’s proprietary Commercepedia maturity scoring model, Pavlok has scored 88/100. This is the highest identified maturity score when compared to its competitors.

What do you think?

Written by MSM Riham

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  1. I’m fascinated by the journey of Pavlok after appearing on Shark Tank! As a fan of the show, I always wondered what happened to the entrepreneurs who didn’t secure a deal with the sharks. Thanks for sharing this update, it’s very insightful and inspiring!

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