Nexus Dubai Projects: a whole new DeFi world unveils

NXD Projects include products possessing great use cases for users to explore. They are Nexus Dubai Token, Electrum, and UAE Merchant Network. The purpose of NXD in writing such a press release is for giving his readers the chance of learning more about such products and how they can become part of them. use Bitcoin has started to bridge multi-network tokens. It supports many networks. NXD token’s initial issuance by the blockchain of Polygon the Ethereum network’s touted second layer is based on the consensus algorithm’s next generation. It lets quick decentralization and processing. Yet the total NXD tokens that were issued are fixed. If more networks get support, then the total newly issued NXD tokens in this network of Polygon will get locked.

All about UAE Merchant Network

  • The merchant network’s main purpose is to make it possible for all retail stores along with restaurants in Dubai to be capable of utilizing the system without paying a lot.
  • This NXD project partnered with many companies located in the UAE.
  • It is for providing the merchant network to various retail stores along with restaurants.
  • Now stores will have all privileges to become members with a less fee for installing the system not similar to the past.
  • Stores or restaurants will be able to make payments with ease at a huge variety of places.
  • It will include huge shopping malls, food deliveries, supermarkets, luxury hotels, and so on.
  • As incentives are given, it will become possible to enclose some inbound commercial spaces.
  • The payment app will get updated for displaying the store location.
  • It will also include recommended products.
  • It will be showing the users that there are many alluring participating stores and enhancing the rate of settlement.
  • A few other advantages are:
  • Expansion of the total stores using this system
  • A payment system that is locally-based
  • Alluring inbound customers
  • Incentives for attracting customers
  • Once above mentioned 4 things get promoted, they will improve all users’ lives via a common system of settlement.
  • A new zone of the economy will get created.

All about Nexidius

  • Nexidius is another Nexus Dubai project product.
  • It is the most precious virtual country one has ever seen.
  • It offers a few beneficial services that include NXD staking, Spray, NexFi, Nexus Nation Bank, and many more.
  • It focuses on Brainwave development.
  • This will look after the citizenship NFT’s issuance.
  • Every user with this NFT will be capable of enjoying the services of NXD.
  • Incorporation will be possible inside Nexidius.
  • NXD Games NC was the first.
  • Designated virtual currency can only be exchanged between companies.
  • This is how users will be able to partake in it.
  • Users will be able to stake their tokens of NXD.
  • It will be to receive rewards based on how much they wish to stake.
  • Some steps users must follow for NXD staking.
  • Yet before that, they must understand the currencies’ roles.
  • It is a legacy token of DeFi.
  • Similar to Bitcoin it is totally decentralized.
  • Lydia is known to be a Nexidus reserve currency’s CeFi type.
  • It can be used in Electrum exchange, short-term trading, and so on.
  • Such a token is beneficial to make the market strong by repeating issuance as well as burning when essential.
  • The banknote NFT for any long-term holder is Electrum.
  • It is also for off-chain payment making use of this as collateral, real estate NFT purchases, e-commerce site payments, and so on.

All about Electrum

  • New tokens of Lydia will get introduced in the future so that one can exchange them for Electrum which is a banknote NFT.
  • But you will be paying a $5 NFT in Electrum that will be continuing to get secured by tokens of Lydia.
  • There will not be any exchange fee from Lydia to Electrum.
  • Yet there will be a conversion fee of 10 % to Lydia from Electrum.
  • Such a fee of 10% will get passed on to all users.
  • This is because NexFi or other services keep on continuing.
  • If one deposits 20,000,000 Lydia for at least 180 days in one place named CORE, then the exchange fee will get decreased to 1%.


The Nexus Dubai project aims at improving all users’ lives by collecting all information as well as evolving as per the market and the project’s status. One will be able to become aware more of Nexidius, its services, and how one can receive more tokens of Lydia and become part of this big project.If you are new to Crypto investment or trading checkBitcoin smart an advance trading platform.