There are many ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies today, and using a crypto shop is one of them. If you are used to trading Bitcoin and other cryptos online, you might be wondering what a crypto shop is all about. This is basically a physical outlet that facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies through the help of an agent or automated services just like banking services.

Turkey has such shops as well as Bitcoin ATMs. So, if you are looking for a crypto shop in Istanbul, then you will be lucky to find many. It is still something new, and many countries may not have this option. For Turkish people, it is crucial to know how to find and use one because the option has benefits.

How to Find a Crypto Shop in Istanbul

Well, we have already explained that this is a physical outlet; hence, you need to locate one and pay a visit. For you to locate a crypto shop in Istanbul, you definitely need a map. Google Maps, for instance, lists all the crypto shops in the city with details and directions. You may also use other maps or your GPS to locate one.

Another option is to browse popular crypto websites in Turkey and see if they have a physical exchange or a Bitcoin ATM. Definitely, they will provide information on the location of the outlet. They also link a map that you can open to get directions.

Lastly, you can ask around. Istanbul is a big city and has information centers where you can check various locations. The attendant will direct you to a nearby crypto shop in Istanbul or a Bitcoin ATM. Additionally, you can ask your friends, workmates, or family members.

How to Use a Crypto Shop in Istanbul

Once you have located a crypto shop in Istanbul, you should know what to do next. It is pretty simple to use these shops or automated machines. Let us look at both options.

·  Using a physical exchange – A physical exchange is often a subsidiary of a popular crypto exchange. It offers services like a bank, where customers walk in and transact. To use one, you need to bring cash, a bank card, or online payment details and your crypto wallet details. An agent will help you process the transaction. After that, you should confirm that the transaction has been a success.

·  Using a Bitcoin ATM – Another crypto shop in Istanbul is a Bitcoin ATM, which is an automated crypto kiosk. Therefore, it is a self-service machine that will enable you to buy and sell accepted crypto. To use one, you need to bring cash, a bank card, or online payment details and your crypto wallet as well. Because there is no agent to help, users should be careful when following the procedures on the provided screen. After that, you should verify the transaction’s success before leaving the Bitcoin ATM.


A crypto shop in Istanbul helps people who are uncertain about transacting online. Physical outlets with an agent are becoming popular for security reasons. They are also affordable, which is a compelling factor for many people as well.

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