NewIPNow Review 2023 Pricing and Performance Test

We tested their cheapest plan and our unbiased review is that they are indeed offering a great balance for feature and price. Here’s our in-depth analysis and test results.

Proxy Provider Background is a private proxy provider that offers dedicated proxies. It was founded in 2008 and based in the United States. They used to offer a free web proxy service but have now focused on providing cheap proxies. The company claims to provide fast, reliable, and secure proxy services to its users. In 2020, they started to offer dedicated private proxies at an extremely low cost. For $8.80, users can get 10 private proxies with unlimited bandwidth, domain and city targeting, and other features. 

NewIPNow Pros and Features


NewIPNow provides static, private, IPV4, HTTP/HTTPS proxies. 


NewIPNow has proxies in various locations around the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Users can choose specific locations that best suit their needs without any additional fees. The number of locations depends on the package you choose. 


NewIPNow claims to provide fast proxy speeds to its users. According to their website, their servers are powered by 1,000+ Mbps backbone connections. However, similar to other proxy services, the actual speed may vary depending on the user’s actual and target location.


NewIPNow only supports IP authentication. Unlike other services, they do not have a username password authentication option.


NewIPNow offers various proxy plans to its users, starting from $8.80 for 10 proxies. Their proxy plans are unique in a way that they charge per IP. Many proxy providers charge users for the duration of their use or for the features they need. However, NewIPNow charges their users per proxy and the features are already included in their package. Some of these notable features are having unrestricted bandwidth, city targeting, proxy refresh, domain targeting, multiple subnets. These features often come at a high cost with other providers.


NewIPNow has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use the service. It’s straightforward to use with no confusing buttons or sections. Users can also instantly get proxy replacements through the dashboard. This feature is called “Instant Proxy Refresh” and the replacement is based on the number of proxies on the user’s package. Users can also find tools, tutorials, proxy lists, and authenticated IPs on the same page. 

Good Customer Support

NewIPNow is also known to provide a high level of support. Users can contact their customer support team through email or live chat.

Payment Methods

NewIPNow has multiple payment options. Users can buy private proxies using Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards. They use 2checkout for their card gateway which provides a secure checkout.

NewIPNow Cons

No Authentication Options

NewIPNow does not offer username and password authentication options which may not be suitable for all users.

No other proxy types

While most private proxy services try to be a one-stop shop, NewIPNow only offers one proxy type. They do not have rotating proxies, IPV6 proxies, or SOCKs proxies. NewIPNow sticks to their specialty: providing static HTTP/HTTPS private proxy IPs.

No free tests or trials

NewIPNow stopped offering free proxies around 2020 but all their paid proxies have a seven-day refund policy. This is a good compromise for those who are unsure but want to try their service.

NewIPNow review: Our test and results

For the purpose of this test, we selected 10 private proxies for Craigslist and Facebook. Based on their private proxy plans, this package gets two cities and four subnets. We got US and EU proxies. Here are our test results:

IP test

After setting up the proxy within Chrome, we visited IP checker sites. The goal is to determine whether these sites can see our actual IP address. We visited two popular sites (, Both are showing our proxy IP and they also did not detect that we’re using a proxy server.

Fraud test

We visited scamalytics to see if the NewIPNow proxies have fraud records. Eight out of 10 proxies from our list showed a low fraud risk score. This means that most of their proxies are clean. If you get high risk proxies, you can easily refresh the IPs from your dashboard. to get replacements. 

Locations and Speed test

We also visited to check the upload and download speed. Our speed is pretty fast considering our actual and target location. We’re testing from Asia and connecting to Europe proxy servers. 

Website Access and tool compatibility

While we’ve seen great metrics from our initial tests, we can also confirm that their proxies work. We used Scrapebox to check if the proxies can access our target websites.

Here’s the status and response time for Facebook:

Here’s the status and response time of the Craigslist proxies: 


NewIPNow is a popular proxy service especially in SEO forums. They offer proxies at a very cheap price and it works well for the intended targets. Although they lack other proxy types, it is not too much of a concern. The performance and pricing of their proxies are indeed proof that they are unbeatable in providing effective private proxies.

How to buy proxies from NewIPNow

Getting proxies from NewIPNow is easy:

  1. Select your package.
  2. Choose your target website and locations.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. After payment, look for the email confirmation. This will contain your proxy account details and your proxy list.
  5. Login to your proxy account.
  6. Authorize your original IP address.
  7. After authenticating your IP, you can begin to set it up with your browser or tool.

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