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New High Roller Casino Where You Play With Bitcoin

High rollers have the best time on online casino sites. It is because big bets often lead to lots of winnings. Casino sites love such players and provide several special privileges to attract them. iMoon is a high roller casino that offers excellent benefits to high rollers gambling with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Let’s examine the site’s top features and what to expect as its player. 

Place higher stakes for higher rewards

iMoon is a Curacao-licensed Bitcoin casino most loved for its generous promotional offers. Players can avail of these bonuses immediately after signing up to improve their winning margins. While all players can use promotional offers, high rollers can enjoy better bonus percentages on the site. 

Referral offer

A good example of high roller rewards is the platform’s referral commission. You will get a 2% commission for inviting up to 10 people to sign up on the site. The reward goes up to 6% when you invite 21-50 people and 12% for 100-500 people. If you invite more than 100,000 people, you will get a whopping 40% commission! In this case, having a solid network in the online gambling industry certainly pays off. 

Cashback on losses

High roller players gamble with many risks, making losses a standard part of the process. Big losses are unfortunately to be expected, just like fantastic winnings. iMoon helps players cope with such losses better through its cashback scheme.

Similar to the referral bonus, you will get a better cashback percentage if your net losses are higher. You will get 2% cashback for a net loss of $100. The cashback percentage is 15% for losses of $50,001. The maximum cashback percentage is 25%, which you will get if your net losses are $500,001 or more. 

Balance bonus

The more balance you keep in your iMoon casino account, the better bonus you can activate! When your account balance is $100, you unlock a 25% bonus. The percentage goes up to 50% for a deposit of $250. You will get a 100% bonus if your balance is $1000. Therefore, if you deposit $1,000, you will have $2,000 to stake in various games on the site. It proves that you will get rewarded on the site for being a top player placing big bets.

The bigger the risk, the better the winnings

In casino gaming, the general idea is that you will win more if you risk more money. Similarly, patience is key to being a high roller in online casinos. The more you wait, the better you can win rewards. The idea is directly reflected in the iMoon Crash game. 

iMoon Crash is an original game that involves minimal graphical elements. Each game round lasts only a few seconds, and the player needs to be on their toes to avoid losing. There is an arrow that keeps going up and down along a graph. Players can set a cashout limit in advance to avoid losing all their money. However, players who take risks and cash out before the arrow crashes can get incredible rewards. You can win up to 50,000x of your bet through this game! 

A similar game the site offers is Aviator, which involves an airplane figure that can fly away at any time. Players who cash out before the airplane’s disappearance wins lots of rewards. 

These games are playable by any player on the site. However, it is high rollers who get the most winnings out of them since they are ready to take major risks. Plus, big bets in this game can lead to awesome winnings. 

Apart from the original games, the site offers several slots and table games from top software providers. It includes industry giants like Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger and NetEnt. As a high roller, you have hundreds of options to choose from and bet on every day. 

Stress-free registration for seamless gambling experiences

A long sign-up process is tedious on any casino website. As a high roller, dealing with the registration formalities can be annoying every time you try out a new platform. iMoon offers a way to avoid it by enabling fast and easy registration. 

There are two quick ways to register on the site. Through the first way, you can provide your basic personal information, set a username and password, and sign up within minutes. The second way involves scanning a QR code to access iMoon’s Telegram site. Or else, you can simply reach out to the customer support team, and they will get you registered. 

Each process takes only a few minutes. As a high roller, you can focus on playing new games instead of spending unnecessary time and effort on signing up. 

Instant payments for fast-paced gaming

As a crypto casino, iMoon enables speedy deposits and withdrawals for player convenience. The site supports several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and Tron. Cryptocurrencies are prevalent among high rollers as they are fun and rewarding. Through the iMoon casino, you can enjoy fast and stress-free payments with cryptocurrency. 

Bottom line- Becoming a high roller at iMoon

The casino site has gone the extra mile to make each site feature as rewarding for high rollers as possible. It includes the quick crypto payment options, attractive bonus range, original game collection, easy registration process, and more. Plus, the site has an unusual space-themed design that adds to the appeal. As a high roller, you have a lot to gain from playing at iMoon with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 

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Written by Joshua White

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