Microgaming and the Secret Sauce of Modern Game Development 

Microgaming and the Secret Sauce of Modern Game Development 

Slots enthusiasts and casual fans alike are certain to know some of Microgaming’s biggest successes, from ‘Mega Moolah’ to ‘Thunderstruck II’ and ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ to ‘Jurassic Park.’ Nongamers may have heard of them through headlines, recounting some of their record-breaking progressive jackpots, which have turned lucky players into millionaires overnight. iGaming regulars will know that the company is, above all, a titan in high-quality game development. 

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The story of Microgaming is familiar yet inspiring. The company was born in 1994, at a time when the internet wasn’t as essential in our everyday lives, and online casino gaming wasn’t exactly embraced with open arms. Yet, the company pushed forward and developed some of the first online casino software. 

As the company has grown over the years, so has its library of games. Today, Microgaming is behind a huge catalog of well-respected games with industry-leading gameplay and state-of-the-art graphics. See for yourself: here’s one of the best bonus codes for Jackpot City, where you can find over 300 of Microgaming’s incredible games. 

The Secret Sauce 

The company has won over 60 industry (and non-industry awards) throughout the years. The secret? Their knack for consistently delivering top-notch games stems from their impressive technological expertise. While this is definitely true—more on that later—there’s something more at play. It’s the culture of collaboration.  

Some of the industry’s most skilled developers and designers work behind the scenes to facilitate the company’s impressive technological achievements. However, innovation within the company grows from the free flow of ideas, which are encouraged by staff of all levels and across departments. 

For an article in the software newsletter InfoQ—which you can read here—Lydia Barbara, formally of Microgaming’s consulting division, explains, “Most ideas are not good at conception […] But good ideas grow out of not such good ones. So what matters is to enable a free flow of many ideas, and then have an efficient way to nurture, refine and finally evaluate them.”  

Microgaming won an award for this concept, which is known as ‘The Idea Factory.’ Through this idea, it’s easy to see how Microgaming’s influence extends beyond game development, impacting the very fabric of the online casino industry. 

Innovation in Action 

Aside from stunning graphics, sound design and gameplay mechanics—which prove that online slots and other online casino-style games ought to be taken as seriously as standard PC and console franchises—Microgaming has been at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies, including virtual reality and mobile gaming. 

In 2004, the company created the world’s first mobile casino software, which is a trend that is still slow to be picked up by some major operators and developers. In 2016, the company demoed the first virtual reality (VR) roulette experience, “designed to study the immersive potential of 3D technology in the online gaming industry”. 

Furthermore, Microgaming has been instrumental in establishing fair play and security standards across the industry, creating a secure and reliable space for players. Their technology relies heavily on computational Random Number Generators (RNGs), which is a fundamental element in upholding the integrity of online gambling.

For anyone paying attention, the explosion of online casino games is obvious and apparent, signifying their rise in popularity on an individual level as well as a rise in positive outlook on a societal level. Games are not only more accessible but are increasingly impressive, engaging and enjoyable—and developers, such as Microgaming, are investing in a safe and respectable community

Indeed, ‘Mega Moolah’s’ massive €18.9 million ($20.43 million) jackpot win on an Android phone was bound to create a buzz and establish their presence among even non-players. Anyone in the gaming industry knows there’s more to the Microgaming story: the company has been vital in bringing innovation and acceptance into the iGaming industry, one idea from the collaborative ‘factory’ at a time.  

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