Married people of Reddit, what do you miss about being single?

Married people of Reddit, what do you miss about being single

Getting married and living every single day of your life with someone is not a walk in the park. Not even when you are living all in love with your significant other. All couples seem to share their fair share of ups and downs in life with their partner. The AskReddit community has recently dived into this intriguing topic and the Redditors had some exciting answers to share. Let’s have a look at what married people had to say about what they miss about being single.

Recently a Redditor asked, “Married people of Reddit, what do you miss about being single?”

Being able to go somewhere ten minutes after I decide I want to

Well, that’s understandable. When you are married there is hardly any opportunity for quick or last-minute decisions. First, you both need to agree to go somewhere and then you both have to get ready.

Things being where I left them.

Sharing space with someone else is a bit tricky. When you are alone, you know where you keep your stuff. More importantly, you know that they are gonna stay where they are unless you move them.

Being able to come home from work and not speak a single word.

Silence is golden sometimes and you don’t always have to use words to show your affection. There is no harm in just sitting quietly around each other.

Not ever having to be accountable for random stuff I do around my own house!

Well, in your defense doing random things is not such a bad thing.

Not having to justify myself to another adult if I’m getting takeout 2 days in a row.

Eating takeout for a few days in a row is not honestly as bad as you think. When you have time create a whole fulfilling meal and everything will be good.

The rush of “firsts”. That first date rush/nervous feeling

Well, it can happen when you are practically living all day every day with someone. But there are plenty of things to consider as your ‘firsts.’ Be adventurous and create new memories that can last a lifetime!

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The only person I had to clean up after was me.

Not having someone worried about me.

Deciding on dinner without a second opinion.


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