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Many ways to track employee attendance exist, including the traditional physical paper register book for workers to sign in and out. This old-fashioned technique comes with numerous disadvantages that modern systems provide lasting solutions for.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies offer a smart way to manage worker attendance effectively. “Effectively” is the keyword here. It means the working hours of every worker are accurately captured with no or minimal intervention and the period spent on that activity.

When the captured attendance data is fed into other systems, such as payroll and leave management, without additional effort, they allow managers to correctly and effectively manage employee time attendance.

Many employees prefer to work remotely or from home, meaning a cloud-based attendance system is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity for effective time attendance management. Let’s find out how you can manage employee time attendance effectively.

Measure Employee Attendance

Want to start managing your employee attendance? You need to first establish a structure for capturing and measuring it. Consider investing in biometric systems, timeclocks, or other digital solutions that can help you track employee time effectively.

Use Time and Attendance Software

A time and attendance solution and other cloud-based business tools make the entire process and activity easier. When picking your time and attendance solution, consider accurate and extensive tracking, ample integrations, and user-friendliness. Also, you can find some brand recommendations from experts.

Create Attendance Policies

A clear and thorough attendance policy in your worker handbook should inform your employees how to take sick leave or vacation time. A good policy states how much of each type of leave your workers should receive. Also, it should explain the consequences of policy deviations or excessive absences.

Giving Attendance Awards

Want to incentivize your workers to show up and perform excellently? Offer some attendance incentives, including things like:

  • Employee of the month
  • Cash bonuses
  • Extra paid time off for excellent attendance

You can also implement a no-fault attendance policy. That means workers incur points for each absence irrespective of the reason and are disciplined when they meet a given point threshold. But you need to be careful since they may result in legal troubles for your business. Always implement policies that are within your state’s labor and employment laws.

Train Supervisors Adequately

It’s possible that your business has many department heads, each managing their employees. These supervisors need adequate training to help them identify and spot attendance problems. Encourage these department heads to track and accurately document absences. Also, they should discuss how they need to approach workers about repeated absences.

Attendance management is a vital aspect of every company. If you manage employee attendance effectively and efficiently, you can enjoy numerous benefits like better work experience and increased productivity for your staff. See NCheck biometric attendance system for inspiration. You’ll discover the features of this useful innovation and how you can maximize its potential.

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