8 Best Cloud Couches for Cozy Contemporary Living Rooms

8 Best Cloud Couches for Cozy Contemporary Living Rooms

No matter what type of interior design style you prefer, seating is an essential component of a living room or family room. Most people utilize a variety of seating, including sofas and armchairs, but you can include any type of seating that fits the look you’re creating.

What Are Cloud Couches?

Cloud couches are soft, comfortable sofas. A cloud couch is defined by its modularity and its overstuffed but still elegant look. These sofas can come in many designs, including sectionals, bench seat couches and two-seater sofas. They can also be upholstered in many colors and fabrics, although the classic upholstery style is soft fabric in neutral colors, such as white and dove gray.

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

Cloud couches can complement many interior design aesthetics due to their simple silhouettes and neutral color palettes. They are particularly good fits for rooms with contemporary interior design concepts.

Contemporary interior design refers to sophisticated, simple shapes and silhouettes. When people create contemporary spaces, they tend to incorporate curved lines and highly contrasting colors. Designers typically aim for sleek yet comfortable furnishings and decorations that highlight and enhance the space itself instead of drawing attention to themselves.

What Cloud Couches Are Best Suited for Cozy Contemporary Spaces?

Cloud couches are generally well-suited for contemporary spaces. However, their softness makes them particularly useful for homeowners looking for ways to make their contemporary spaces more comfortable and cozy. Here are the best cloud couches for cozy contemporary living rooms.

Malaga Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are useful in contemporary spaces because you can rearrange them to better fit your space. The Malaga Sectional Sofa is an L-shaped sectional sofa with a wide lounge seat on either the right or left side, depending on which orientation you choose. This sofa sits close to the ground and has a low back and low, wide armrests. It comes with two throw pillows and all of its cushions are loose and reversible.

Dema 90″ Fabric Sofa

The Dema 90″ Fabric Sofa exemplifies the sleek, curved lines of contemporary style, paired with comfortable fabric and thick, soft cushions filled with foam and down. Its bench-style seat cushion is fixed and it also comes with two bolster pillows and loose back cushions. This sofa comes in the color bright ash, which makes it a good neutral base for eye-catching decor.

Marcel Sectional

There are two Marcel Sectional options: a right-facing one and a left-facing one. The sectional is a two-seater with an attached lounge seat on either the right or left side. While the seat cushions are filled with a foam core and have an outer layer made of down and fiber, the side and back cushions are filled with a mix of down and fiber.

Capri Sofa

The Capri Sofa is a bench-seater sofa upholstered in soft polyester spill-resistant and stain-resistant fabric. This sofa comes in two colors: birch white and bright ash. All its cushions are made with two layers of stuffing. The foam fiber core is covered by a layer of down for increased comfort. This sofa also comes with two pillows filled with down.

Cloud couches can enhance the coziness of contemporary living spaces of all shapes and sizes. The wide variety of cloud couch sizes and shapes means people can find options that fit their spaces, whether they want to place them in apartments or houses.

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Written by Joshua White

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