How to Watch Kuroko’s Basketball in Order

Kuroko's Basketball watch order guide

If you’ve been pondering the Kuroko’s Basketball watch order, you’ve found the perfect guide. Kuroko’s Basketball is an anime that has captivated fans with its intense matches and character development. Understanding the best watch order is crucial due to the complexity of the storyline, which includes multiple seasons, movies, and special episodes. To fully appreciate the intricate dynamics and character arcs in Kuroko’s Basketball, it’s best to follow the chronological order, ensuring a seamless narrative experience.

How to watch Kuroko’s Basketball in Chronological Order?

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In the case of Kuroko’s Basketball, the chronological order coincides with the release order, providing a straightforward viewing sequence for fans. 

Kuroko’s Basketball Chronological Order

  • Kuroko’s Basketball Season 1  [Apr 7, 2012 – Sep 22, 2012 | TV | 25 episodes × 24min | ★8.3]
  • Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2  [Oct 6, 2013 – Mar 29, 2014 | TV | 25 episodes × 24min | ★8.3]
  • Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3  [Jan 10, 2015 – Jun 30, 2015 | TV | 25 episodes × 24min | ★8.4]
  • Kuroko’s Basketball: Tip Off  [Feb 22, 2013 | Special | 1 episode × 25min | Not rated]
  • Kuroko’s Basketball: The Greatest Present  [Dec 24, 2015 | Special | 1 episode × 23min | ★8.7]
  • Kuroko’s Basketball The Movie: Last Game [Mar 18, 2017 | Movie | 1 episode × 90min | ★8.2]

To have the best experience while watching the series, it is recommended to follow the chronological order. This will help avoid any confusion that may arise due to time shifts and keep the storyline progression and character development intact. By doing so, the experience will be more engaging and enjoyable for both newcomers and those revisiting the series.

Overview of the Plot, Storyline, and Key Elements of “Kuroko’s Basketball”

“Kuroko’s Basketball” is a unique anime that blends sports action with character-driven storytelling. It focuses on high school basketball and highlights teamwork, determination, and overcoming obstacles. As the series progresses, viewers witness intense basketball games and the personal growth of each character, especially Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami. The character dynamics and development are uniquely framed within the context of basketball.

How Much Time Will It Take to Complete “Kuroko’s Basketball”?

Watching “Kuroko’s Basketball” from start to finish takes approximately 31 hours. This includes all three seasons, one special episode, one movie, and the “Last Game” movie, summing up to 76 episodes and two movies.


To enjoy “Kuroko’s Basketball” to the fullest, it’s best to watch the anime in chronological order. This viewing sequence ensures that you experience the story as it was meant to unfold, making it an unforgettable anime journey. So, gear up to dive into the electrifying world of “Kuroko’s Basketball”!

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